My Daily Routine. Disciplined Life

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Many individuals follow different daily routines. At 6:00 am, I commence my day with Fajr prayer, even though waking up that early in the morning can be challenging. To ensure I wake up on time, I set at least three alarms. Once the third alarm sounds, I exert a considerable amount of effort to rise from bed and begin my day. The first tasks include making my bed, brushing my teeth, taking a shower or performing wazzu. Following Fajr prayer, I relish in having breakfast. Breakfast serves as an excellent opportunity to connect with your parents. When we gather together at the table, we engage in conversations about our aspirations and what lies ahead for the day. Regrettably, due to my father’s residence being in K and his work commitments there, he is unable to participate in our morning discussions.

S. A my mother is a wonderful companion.

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Every morning at 7:20 am, I start preparing for my day at University and leave around 8:00 am to study diligently. Typically, I reach there by 8:10 am.

Once I arrive at University, I remain focused and attend my first class at 9:00 am, which concludes at 12:00 pm.

Following the class, I gather with friends in the cafeteria where we enjoy a meal and engage in discussions about various topics such as the current situation and studies. Our time together is always enjoyable.

After a tiring day, I rest and sleep before going to the bathroom. Later on, I engage in the Zohar prayer and have lunch at 2:30 pm with my family. My evening commences with the Asar prayer, which brings me deep spiritual satisfaction. Following prayer, I focus on completing my homework for approximately two hours. Then, I perform the Maghrib prayer. At 8:30 pm, I switch on the TV to enjoy watching my favorite shows ‘How I Met Your Mother’ and ‘Supernatural’, both of which are always a must-watch for me.

After watching TV, I prioritize my physical well-being by going to the gym. When I return home at 9:45 pm, I take a shower and perform my evening prayer called Isha. Then, my family and I come together for dinner, during which we discuss our individual daily activities. Once we finish eating, I spend several hours engaging in various online activities like searching the web, chatting with others, and discovering new music releases. It’s usually around 1 am when I finally go to bed. There, I reflect on the plans for the next day and express gratitude for the precious gift of life itself. However, weekends follow a different routine.

During weekends, I relish the opportunity to sleep in until noon and indulge in my own desires. Despite the existence of household chores, I have ample time for pursuing my hobbies and passions. One activity that brings me immense joy is spending time with friends. After a restful slumber, we convene at either my abode or one of our acquaintances’ dwellings. During these gatherings, we engage in video gaming sessions and spontaneous discussions while also sharing laughter through playful pranks. At times, I ponder why we haven’t pursued careers as comedians given how much amusement we provide each other.

After experiencing laughter, we feel hungry and decide to go out while considering our budget. After enjoying time with friends, I return home at around 9 o’clock and take a short break to reflect on the day’s events. I share everything with my younger sister and we have fun watching cartoons together while indulging in snacks. Our life is vibrant and well-coordinated as our home is filled with love and affection, with each member having deep care for one another.

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