Do You Think Children Should Be Disciplined with Physical Punishment Like Canning?

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Do you think children should be disciplined with physical punishment like caning?
Since the very birth of man discipline has been one of the most imperative aspects of his life. Discipline is actually the practice of enforcing acceptable patterns of behavior. I deem it as a key to live an enchanted life.
“Without discipline there is nothing to be proud of.” (Richard Kemp)
To discipline a person means to make one act or work in a systematic and appropriate way.

How to discipline a child is the dilemma of parents and teachers. Generally, corporal punishment is adopted for this purpose. I reckon this method as an inapposite method to discipline a child as it can severely affect a child mentally, physically, psychologically as well as socially. I have described some of the effects of corporal punishment on a child as follows,
Corporal punishment has a direct and profound effect on the psychology of a child. It infuses a child with colossal belligerence and stubbornness. Sometimes the punished children commit criminal activities to take revenge of their punishment.

They vomit out their frustration by harming others. Children cannot apprehend the difference between unacceptable ways of life and the acceptable ways of life by punishment. They cannot understand the difference between right and wrong if they get punished. Moreover the child remains depressed and fear dominates on him.

This depression really affects his cognition which makes him psychologically weaker than other children. Depression also affects the physiology of a child. His blood pressure usually remains high; his heart starts palpitating, he becomes nauseated and feels numbness and dizziness. Furthermore, he becomes easily nervous about petty matters and remains stuck in the dilemma ‘to do or not to do.’ He steadily becomes indecisive and cannot solve the minor matters quickly. In addition, he becomes a detached member of society due to the fear of being mocked by the society.

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