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Diologue on Teaching

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Week Five Field Experience JournalPeter RuheSaint Jeanne de Lestonnac School1/19 I arrived at school before 8:00 in the morning to meet the 1st grade class at theMorning assembly. At 8:10 I walked the class to the classroom and proceeded to take attendance and lunch count. Throughout the morning I acted as the substituteteacher and followed the lesson plan laid out by the regular teacher which includedreview of grammar, spelling , and math. I was replaced by the teacher at 12:00 which concluded my day.

This was the second time I had substituted for this class and by this time I was a more comfortable with the procedure.

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Diologue on Teaching
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The class was getting to know me a littlebetter also. 1/20 Today I met the 6th grade class at morning assembly at 8:10. I walked the classup to the 6th grade classroom and acted as substitute teacher for homeroom. I tookattendance and lunch count. Once homeroom was over, the class left to begin their daily schedule and I had a short break.

I walked down to the teachers lounge and introduced myself to several of the staff. When I arrived back at the classroom Imet by the acting substitute teacher, Mrs. Kline who took over the class. I acted as an observing teacher for the remainder of the day assisting Mrs. Kline with the lesson plan. We reviewed 7th and 8th grade algebra along with spelling andgrammar. I supervised recess and lunch period. I concluded my day at 3:00.

I had the opportunity to discuss the substitute teaching role with Mrs. Kline throughout the day. She was very comfortable with the students but was a little rusty with algebra as was I. She informed me that a substitute teacher at SaintJeanne’s is paid $ 85.00 per day which was a little better that most private schools.

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