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Essay – Love and Routine

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Leslie Bravo Mrs. WongAP English language and CompositionPeriod 225 Sept 2015
Do you ever feel the need that you need some time apart from your loved one because you’re so used to seeing them everyday and you just want to miss them so that when you do see them you get excited and appreciate the time you have with them? From my personal life, I tend to see my boyfriend every single day but sometimes I feel the need to have some time away from him.

Sometimes seeing the same person everyday can get a little boring, I tend to miss him and appreciate him more when I don’t see him regularly. When people spend a lot of time apart from each other, they value their time together more.
When couples are apart from their loved ones for quite a while, they tend to appreciate one another when they do get time to spend with each other. For example, last week my boyfriend and I did not see each other for almost 2 weeks.

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Essay – Love and Routine
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We missed each other like crazy only because we were so use to seeing each other everyday. We both realized that we didn’t really appreciate the time we had together before I was gone. The time that people have with their loved one should be more appreciated even if he/she see’s that person everyday that doesn’t mean the other person should take them for granted because that person can leave unexpectedly and that’s when you regret not appreciating the time you had with them.
Seeing the same person everyday can sometimes get them tired of that person. However, when couples do not see that person often they tend to appreciate them more. When my oldest sister lived at the house, we would get into arguments and mini fights within each other. Now that she got married and moved out with her husband, I miss her and I wish she still had lived with me. I also regret not spending as much time with her. It is important to never take any time with your loved one for granted. Sometimes you may get tired of them but at the end of the day you…

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