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My Favourite Cricketer Shahid Afridi Sample

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Cricket is a universe celebrated game and this game includes some of the fables of the universe. This game lets the best participant celebrated in whole universe for its authoritative records. One of my favourite cricketer is Shahid Khan Afridi Shahid Khan Afridi’s existent name is Sahibzada Mohammad Shahid Afridi. He is popular among many cricket lovers. He was born in the Khyber bureau on March 1. 1980. He is a well-known Pakistani participant and is playing since 1996 and till day of the month he played 334 ODI ( One Day International ) 27 trials and 46 Twenty 20 Internationals.

Shahid Afridi made an impressive entry in International cricket with a sensational and historic 37 balls century in his 2nd ODI against Sri Lanka on 4th October 1996 at Nairobi Afridi besides served the national squad as a captain.

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My Favourite Cricketer Shahid Afridi Sample
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In 2009 Pakistan won ICC universe Twenty20 and after that Younis Khan declared retirement from Twenty20 cricket. PCB ( Pakistan Cricket Board ) elect Shahid Afridi as the following Twenty20 captain. As a individual Shahid Khan Afridi is really gay and friendly individual.

He respects seniors and all his squad members he enjoyed a fantastic friendly relationship with his squad and he trust and loves them a batch. He is observed as a spiritual individual and has a strong believe in ALLAH’s determinations. Afridi has really showy personality of the Pakistani cricket squad. He is besides known for his ill-famed repute and was linked with several Indian actresses. But. no 1 can deny his popularity and is known on national and international land as BOOM BOOM AFRIDI. He retired from one twenty-four hours international every bit good as trial cricket after the universe cup 2015.

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