My Future Career Aspirations

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In addition to my qualifications in my education and experience, I believe all this prepared me for this specific program. I am a capable of anything team player, and work endlessly to get whatever job has to be done. I deeply believe this programs success is my success as well. I am astonishingly adjustable at all times, and very passionate on experiencing new things. Some of my management skills are that I adapt to situations very easily, I can be very good at planning, for example being organized with the available resources that is being given to me. I am capable of identify goals that can be achieved, and if there is good planning a lot can be achieved.

Also, being a good decision maker makes me a good candidate for this program, due to the fact that it is great whenever working with people. Making decisions can be an important key component in the program’s success. One of my main hobbies are that I love to swim, because I enjoy new challenges, and I am a risk taker, no matter how the situation is going I will give my best at all times. I love to do volunteering, I think it is very interesting for me to learn and experience new things while volunteering and helping out when needed.

I am interested in pursuing a degree in Rehabilitation Sciences because I have always been captivated by anything that has to do with rehabilitation in people. It makes me realize how many people are in need of rehab and I am always willing to help them in the best way as possible. This degree has various jobs that people are going to need someday in their life, to help them maintain a high level of health, and learning how to take care of their bodies. Having the opportunity to participate in the geriatric research is great for me to learn that old age is a sensitive phase in life, and that they need as much care as possible to live a healthy life. This geriatric research is going to help me grow as an individual overall.

My future career aspirations are getting accepted to PT school and becoming a successful physical therapist. I want to have the opportunity to work with elderly people and help them progress on their mobility. Physical therapy has become an important factor throughout many people’s lives, especially with older age population that is going to increase drastically within the next 10 years. Participating in the URGE program is going to help me achieve my academic goals by having more experience working in a geriatric setting in the future. Also, the skills that I will be learning in the program will help me apply them as a future physical therapist. For instance, providing elderly a sense of social life, that energizes them in everything that they do. Working with a good interdisciplinary team is going to help me serve the older population in the highest quality way.

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