Dont take education for granted

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You’re peacefully sleeping in your cozy bed, snugly wrapped in your luxurious duvet cover and dreaming about Christiano Ronaldo. However, your blissful slumber is abruptly interrupted by a loud, jarring sound. It’s 6:30 in the morning, and your alarm is blaring in your face, compelling you to begrudgingly prepare for school. Do many of us experience this familiar scenario each morning? Each day, we encounter seven lengthy periods of lessons, bothersome teachers who irritate us, and an endless amount of homework. This is what school is, right? We all find that in our daily lives, school becomes a burden.

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Has it ever occurred to any of us that school may not be a detrimental or overpowering weight? Every single one of us, myself included, all individuals in attendance here today, and even Miss Mitchell, are required to engage. We are all integral components of an unavoidable system that we must endure. Ironically, however, it is a system that we frequently neglect or undervalue. Which system am I referring to? I am referring to the education system.

Many of us here probably dislike being part of this system because it is difficult. As students, we are assigned a lot of homework with short deadlines. But is this truly hard work? While we may find our science lessons stressful, we should consider Carla’s situation. Carla has to wake up at 4 am just to find some water, she sleeps on a cold floor with only a few rags as her shelter. While we are dosing off in our English lessons, Carla is busy searching for food to survive.

Who yearns for an education but will never move from selling garbage on the streets? That is hard work. Only 38% of the world has the privilege to receive an education. Yes, that’s correct, only 38%! In our vast world, it is surprising that only a small number of people have the opportunity to succeed. It is unfair. You and I are part of this fortunate 38%, yet we still wish we were in the other 62%. Why? Why do we feel the need to despise school? The issue with us youngsters today is that we are always thirsty for more and in the process, forgetting what we already have.

While we may not always be excited about going to school and listening to speeches, such as when we would rather be at home sleeping, watching TV, or on Facebook, it is important to acknowledge that attending school and actively participating in lessons, including these speeches, can actually have a positive impact. Education plays a crucial role in shaping our future trajectory by providing us with a solid foundation for personal growth and development. Additionally, it creates opportunities for advancement and success as two thirds of all jobs necessitate higher education or advanced training.

Having a strong primary education foundation is essential to stay competitive. Failing to obtain a high school diploma will likely result in earning below the average salary. Additionally, without a college degree, it becomes harder to secure stable employment that can provide for your family in the long run. While it may not seem significant at present, neglecting your education will lead to regret later on. Skipping classes, causing disruptions, disrespecting teachers, and lacking focus during lessons can have a significant impact on your future opportunities.

We all have aspirations in this room. Some want to become doctors, dentists, lawyers, teachers, or businesswomen. Our shared objective is to attain success. However, achieving these goals requires dedication and maximum effort. Merely attending school won’t be enough; we must earn our grades with true merit.

Success requires diligence, and simply going to school is not enough. The younger generation has a vital role in determining the future. As Barack Obama stated, “To surpass other nations in the future, we must excel in education today.” Now imagine this scene: you are peacefully asleep on your comfortable bed, covered with a soft duvet, dreaming about Christiano Ronaldo. Suddenly, a loud disturbance disrupts your tranquility and abruptly awakens you.

Every morning at 6:30, as your alarm blares in your face, you feel the compulsion to prepare for school. This daily ritual marks a significant chapter in your life. It offers a new perspective on the world, allows you to pursue your dreams, and earn respect. Education presents us with endless possibilities to achieve our aspirations and realize our dreams. I am of the belief that each individual possesses something unique, and this uniqueness holds immense value in society.

Your current knowledge is crucial for your future self, regardless of whether you become the next Bill Gates, Einstein, or Barack Obama.

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