My Future Plans for Education

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Education has always been an important foundation upon which I have spent countless hours working to build my goals and dreams. Without the education I have received thus far, the possibility of finding and achieving my greatest ambition would have been obsolete. This goal is to provide children with the tools to develop to their fullest potential despite the obstacles that may be preventing this progress. The foundation of this ambition was through the inspiration of my teachers and professors that inspired me to diligently work to gain insights into our ever-changing world. Through this work I was introduced to the field of Psychology. Throughout the process of locating a career that best suits me, I have always known that graduate school would play an integral role in furthering my education and helping me to achieve my goals. I feel that my academic work and field experiences have prepared me to engage in graduate studies in Behavioral Analysis at Simmons University. I am setting out to fulfill a goal I set for myself four years ago.

As an undergraduate, I immersed myself in the resources at Merrimack College, particularly in its Psychology Department. As a result, I have consistently remained on the Dean’s list and have been given numerous opportunities to gain professional experience in successful companies through internships and shadowing. In one instance, I applied my knowledge gained from the classroom to research in the Massachusetts Department of Transitional Assistance during my junior year. I participated in research on the behavioral causes of churn within the population of Massachusetts residents receiving SNAP (Food stamps). I used the knowledge and guidance of my professors to assist the creation of a first of its kind study that focused on behavioral causes to the growing churn rate in at risk communities. This experience not only reinforced my love for working directly with children, but it sparked an interest in the combination of behavioral research and the application of the findings presented to benefit individuals in the long run.

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Outside of my formal education, I have worked for the past four years with children of all ages. I had my first encounter with children four years ago while I was a teacher’s assistant at a preschool. This gave me the desire to assist children in a way that presents individualization rather than letting others perform those tasks with me observing the benefits. Many children I had come across presented with undiagnosed disorders that affected the behavior exhibited and in applying techniques as I worked with them not only did I see diagnoses matching predictions I had made, but parents actually using the techniques I had presented in the home setting under the influence of licensed practitioners. This experience inspired me to gain more of a fundamental knowledge in Applied Behavioral Analysis in my work with Southeastern ABA. I observed cases that ranged from high functioning autism-to non-verbal autism in children from ages 4-14. I learned the techniques used to help the children’s development and how to properly implement them. These experiences helped me realize how much progress can be made with children that are diagnosed and treated effectively.

The graduate program in Behavior Analysis at Simmons University will provide me with an opportunity to develop both as a scholar and a clinician. Additionally, it will provide me with knowledge of behavioral analysis to facilitate my career in working with children with developmental disorders. I am interested in the knowledge that will be gained in and intervening with children with autism, assessing and treating abnormal behavior in children with developmental disorders, and applied intervention for children with ADHD. After achieving a Master’s Degree at Simmons University, I plan to utilize my academic knowledge of behavior analysis to increase my comprehension, hopefully with a License to Practice in Massachusetts. I thank you for your consideration and time.

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