My Mother Influenced Me in My Life

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Despite my previous fear of my mother, I now find comfort in recalling her strict guidance that has bestowed upon me a wealth of wisdom. Known for her stringent teaching techniques, she was an elementary school teacher who produced numerous exceptional students. Furthermore, alongside her professional endeavors, she devoted herself to Buddhism and selflessly volunteered to aid the less fortunate. As a parent, my mother will eternally serve as my ultimate inspiration – constantly by my side to provide support and empower me to independently overcome challenges.

The teachings and behaviors of my mother have profoundly shaped my life, and I hold dear the lessons she imparted to me. Particularly, I value her teachings on honesty, love, and perseverance. She constantly emphasized the significance of being truthful with others, as she believed it would result in enduring happiness. Being a teacher herself, she consistently highlighted the importance of honesty in her students’ lives, thereby serving as an exceptional role model.

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At the age of eight, I have a clear memory of playing with my neighbor at home. Regrettably, I accidentally broke my mother’s beloved flower vase while we were playing. This incident frightened me greatly as my mother approached and inquired about who was responsible. Instead of admitting my mistake, I opted to lie and blamed it on the cat to avoid punishment. Nevertheless, eventually, my neighbor confessed the truth to my mother. To my surprise, she responded calmly and reassured me that she wasn’t angry about the shattered vase. Instead, she emphasized the importance of always being truthful with others and oneself.

My mother believes that many negative situations in the world are caused by lies. For example, when someone steals, they are deceiving the law. Similarly, when a husband cheats on his wife, he is being dishonest with her. My mother taught me that honesty is a vital characteristic for a man, and I remember these words during difficult times.

Furthermore, my mother stressed the importance of demonstrating love for others through sharing and giving. This can result in a happier and more satisfying life. Even though my Buddhist mother was not wealthy, she found joy in assisting others and regularly made charitable contributions.

Emphasizing the importance of helping those in need brings immense joy. I recall a specific incident from my childhood when I acted selfishly. At the age of six, my five-year-old cousin became ill and demanded my stuffed panda bear as a condition for taking her medicine. Initially, I refused to share my toys with her. However, my mother taught me the significance of treating others as family members and demonstrated the importance of expressing love through sharing and giving. Eventually, I decided to give my soft panda bear to my cousin, leading to her faithful intake of medication and complete recovery within two days. The memory of that moment still fills me with much happiness.

Having realized that one of life’s greatest aspirations is to purchase a much-needed item for someone and witness the genuine expression of joy on their face, I now understand why my mother finds satisfaction in assisting others. She has taught me the invaluable lesson of perseverance and emphasized its importance in achieving success. A vivid memory from my adolescence resurfaces, specifically when I was thirteen and determined to secure admission into the finest middle school in my city. However, this goal depended on performing exceptionally well on the final examination. At that moment, self-doubt plagued me but my mother’s guidance prevailed as she encouraged me not to give up.

She said that if she made more effort, success would be in sight. Her mother supported her and helped her create a study schedule, and also found many exercises for her to complete. Despite studying hard, she was finally accepted into that middle school. She believes in her mother’s ideas – if she plants perseverance, she will reap victory. Now, she has come to the United States and started a new life. The different culture and second language pose a big challenge for her. Whenever she faces difficult times, she always thinks about the good advice from her mother, as it helps her lead a better life.

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