My Motivational Company Teamcdb

TEAM CDL is The Motivational Company Cedco Severe started in 2016, I became an Entrepreneur at just age of 19 Years old, I started speaking to various young groups of people about various Important Topics, I was traveling various areas of Orlando, FL to deliver speeches to various Youths so further they will get motivated and inspired by my ideas and voice, and the Young guys will be able to pursue their dream of choice to get success in Life, Let me talk about some topics that I discussed or delivered, like Bulling and any related Online Bullying, How to get Career of your Dreams, Stress Management, How to have Employment skills and Interview Skills, Teamwork and Leadership, Relationship, The art of resilience, Goal setting key part of life, The Craft of Public Speaking, also I ran multiple seminars for the “MAN UP” program in central Florida and delivered speeches on how to become successful at whatever endeavors you try to pursue.

In my life I had visited more than 16 schools. Court houses, and boys and girls clubs, I don’t only speak on Educational topics, I also bring Humor in my speeches, My motive in delivering a speech is to activate, Motivate, Inspire people and help people to get excited and confident about their Future, my Orlando court house event for teenage kids at risk was aimed to provide following key areas like Education, Services and products, with fun and Interaction to many extents to a Teen, Parents and Educator, during the year 2016, I became co-founder and co-director of the Teamcdb entertainment something I created with my best friend to provide motivational anthems that not only kids who are depressed and feeling low but also athletes who needs that extra push before games and after bad games to listen to and motivate them,  I am a pretty known on Instagram with over 28 thousand followers and leading part of my Motivational company which is Teamcdb.

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The motivational industry has approximately 5 million people who are in the business and has grossed over 9.9 million dollars since 2016. The industry is semi-mature because Every day there are new motivational movements and speakers coming in to the industry but success isn’t right away as for myself I had to work months and months to get where I am today. The opportunity for motivation speaking is large because they are 98,817 schools in the US and a large percentage of that is at risk youth so there’s open jobs all the time in this industry. As for the threats that comes with the territory of speaking you never know when an event is being held until the last minute and most schools or events will go for the most well-known speaker before the new up and coming speakers. This feat is what makes it hard for new speakers to come in the industry

The future expansion in motivational speaking will rely on one thing and that’s sports more and more kids and young adults are getting into sports in with that comes motivation to perform at your best and with pregame motivational speaking this will help them do their best in their game or events. Results of motivational speaking has already boosted the industry and expanded it across the US. The overall outlook for the motivational industry is to provide inspiration to as many people possible and to create hard workers across the globe. My major competitors is the powerhouse speaking of Tony Robbins, Eric Thomas, les brown, Gary V, Inky Johnson , these are all renown’s speakers who has already established their place in the motivational world they have been doing motivation at the top level for longer than I’ve been alive and have way more experience than me but I’ve learn all of their blueprint and know how to approach the industry in my own unique way

My motivational approach and service differentiates from my competitors in an entertaining way, instead going the traditional route of just speaking on the stage I create motivational anthems and make video on them to keep my audience more entertained that’s why I call myself the motivational rock star, young adults attention spans are only about 15 minutes long and my videos are about 3 minutes long so I know I will have their attention more than my competitors. Regarding Industrial Analysis of this Motivational Company, Where I am taking key role, during 2016 and 2017, Man up program, I was selected as official key note speaker for the summer program, I was also first selected to meet with the mayor of Orlando, again I accepted the meet and greet and became one of the youngest motivational speakers in Orlando, that happened during 2017, again during 2017, I allied with my friend Jeremiah brown and created her own motivational challenge.

Together we also created apparels for Teamcdb that we can hand out to parents, kids we spoke and athletes. Just last year we had a meeting and program for parents in my city about what we can do to better the youth. The program basically focused on discussing various parental issues and discussed with fun or humor, during 2017, I released my first video “ Make it personal’’ I also attracted media attention for my everyday motivational videos on YouTube, Further, I got multiple testimonial from various students and my followers across various school, and college of Orlando my Motivational company Teamcdb is slowly rising to the top of the game

Mission statement: My management plan include preparing various Topics those has reality behind and do market research on it and analyze the same, and finally prepare my module which I explain in various seminars, group get together, my selected topics are quite important for the teens, students and Parents, Teachers as well, I prepared plan to cover my motivation speech and discovered idea on it by aligning with colleges, university, Community Groups, and various seminars where I was especially invited, my quotation is “ Wake up and grind now forever be normal ” Vision statement: In the long run I see Teamcdb being one of the top motivational movement s in the entire world, potentially a wake up and grind tour where I will being traveling across the U.S speaking to my fans.

Core Values: I believe as long as you keep penetrating your dreams every day the world will have no choices but to give you what you want eventually. If you wake up and grind every day then you will be perfect in all your endeavors. One of my competitors Eric Thomas biggest core values is “if you want to succeed as bad as you want to breathe then you will be successful. (Eric Thomas. Inspires) Legal form of organization: my website is down right now but it provides all my apparels and motivational videos and also has my mission statement prompted on the first page. I and my best friend Jeremiah brown are the only people who are running Teamcdb at the moment and we both have specific jobs and tsk for the company. I’m in charge of the motivational content and video editing I created Teamcdb so I’m in charge of most of the content. Jeremiah is the brain behind getting us gigs designing apparels and contacting different events holder to see if we can get a slot made.

My marketing and Advertising are based on 5 Ps Product, Place, Promotion, People and price, and 4 C’s like customer value, Cost, Communication and Convenience, It needs to convert 5 Ps as mentioned above into 4 Cs . ( Corporate finance institute) Marketing and Advertising take an important role for spreading my objective and purpose to the Society and targeted people, I did marketing by selling apparels and posting various videos on topics related to motivate people, I also did marketing through website, YouTube, and Email marketing, as Website and YouTube take important role to attract many visitors and gain Information about my work and the motivational company, further email marketing another digitizing step to help people know about my recent released videos, and schedule events on my products and statistics, testimonials, I also advertise my work on various social media sites, which helped me many way to promote my activity

It is necessary to conclude that my Motivational company Teamcdb has reached many direction in Orlando Florida, I motivated many students, I worked on consistently to deliver idea on how to become successful in sports, life or in school, I also impressed my work to presenting my into written quotes on Instagram, further I work with various teachers within the Orlando school district and delivered speech and idea on how to get more active and drive to push towards your dreams.

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