Motivational Problems of the Staff at Health-Time

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1. Describe the motivational problems of the staff at Health-Time using Maslow’s Needs Hierarchy. The staff at Health-time will be worried because Matthew’s first action as manager was to go in and fire most of the office staff. This will have them feeling that their safety, their need to feel secure and stable is being threatened. When Matthew puts a complete stop to idle chatter on the job he is taking some of the receptions chance to interact with other people.

When you sit at a desk and answer phones all day it is nice to have that little time of interaction with customer or clients when you can. When Matthew starts the meeting off immediately complaining about the workers they are not going to be receiving the esteem that they need to feel that they are getting recognition for what they have done. Instead Matthew is only telling them what to do. He is not giving his workers any kind of respect or recognition for what they have done and then moving on to what could be done to make them even better at their jobs. . Describe the motivational problems of the staff at Health-Time using the expectancy theory of motivation.

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Discuss the staff’s outcome valences, effort-to-performance (E-to-P) and performance-to-outcome (P-to-E) expectancies. The E-to-P theory objective is “to increase the belief that employees are capable of performing the job successfully. ”(Book) Matthew was already ahead of the game when it came to his staff. The E-to-P theory tells you to select people with the skills needed to accomplish the job.

When Matthew became manager he already have workers in place that had the skills and the know how to accomplish the jobs they were assigned. Matthew was so quick to try to lay down staff rules that he did provide the staff sufficient time and resources for them to be able come to terms with all the changes that were happening in the club. He needed to give the staff fewer changes at a time and work the staff up to where he felt that they need to be.

In the P-to-O expectancy theory the objective is “to increase the belief that good performance will result in a certain outcome. (Book) To do this Matthew needed to do was give his workers example of workers who are already doing the things that he feels need to change for everyone and show them how these workers are receiving higher rewards. This could be that they have received a pay raise or they have a demand from clients for more classes or even individual classes that could pay more. 3. Describe the motivational problems of the staff at Health-Time using the equity theory of motivation.

Discuss whether the staff is in a situation of underreward inequity or overreward inequity, and how they are attempting to restore a feeling or sense of equity. The staff at Health-Time is underrewarded. The receptionist are only being paid minimum wage to check people-in, write receipts, answer phones, and clean up the facility during downtime. Along with Matthew not showing them any respect and reward other than a sweatshirt they are feeling that they are not valued and that they are not needed.

They realize that they could work other places for the same pay and have a more sense of equity. Most of Matthew’s workers are students at the local university and they have to be able to make changes at last minutes. They could have a change is schedule or a test that have to be taken at a certain time of day. If Matthew is not going to let them do this then they are going to leave and find a job that understands the demands of a college student and let they feel rewarded and that they are receiving equity out of their job. 4.

What strategies would you recommend to Matt to deal with the problem? First of I would suggest that Matt take the time to make a survey that cover all of the problems that he feel Health-Time is having; then take the time and get feedback from customers and see how they feel that Health-Time needs to change. This would also be a good time for Matt to get his employees involved in making Health-Time a top in the Fitness industry. He needs to have each employee give feedback on how they think that they daily run of Health-time could be increased.

Have each employee make their own goal setting, they could set specific goals for themselves and how they could start to accomplish these goals. Matt needs to take all this information and see what is top priority to customers and employees and slowly start implementing ways to make Health-Time better. Employees feel more secure and needed when they are in some way included in changed made around a facility. I can give an employee a sense of accomplishment that they were one of the reasons their company is used by more people.

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