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My Personal Philosophy in Counseling

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It is hard to think of counseling philosophy for it is very broad in different manner. Based from the nine units I have taken for being a student taking up Master of Education in Guidance and Counseling, many has to be learned and to be understood. This giving of help to someone should be taken seriously and appropriately. Let me start this with my own definition of counseling. Counseling is a process wherein the counselor helps the individual to understand his or her problem and at the same time guide him or her through the process of learning to make good life decisions.

On that process, many are to be considered by the counselor.

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My Personal Philosophy in Counseling
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I’m not in the practice of counseling but I can see this profession as the hardest job to do for it involves different kinds of feeling and emotions and somehow affects you as a person with all the painful and heartbreaking problems. The very important and that I always hear is to build a good rapport with the client regardless of what he is.

This may vary in race, color, how evil or good the client did and more. I met the counselor in the school where I work, Ms. Jona and I find her really stressed with the everyday encounter with the problems and bad deeds of the students.

But despite of that, she still manages to attend each of them. The dedication to your job is very important for it makes you feel more serious and devoted. I admire her for being so close to the students and students find her approachable. As we all know, counselors are known to be strict and serious in most public schools. Students are afraid of them. I want to change the image of counselors and have a more positive view when talking to them. That when they enter the guidance office, students will feel comfortable and have less worry.

And going inside the office is not only when you are experiencing something depressing and or because you were caught cheating but also when you like to enjoy and feel relaxed while break times. It is a happy feeling for the counselor having someone wants to be there just to visit and have a chit chat. It will always be a moment to be remembered. In addition to the definition, counseling is also a journey for the self-exploration of the counselee. I believe that with the right guide, he or she will step to increasing of self-understanding and self-awareness. The guide that I’m talking about is the counselor himself.

It is not just throwing advices effortlessly on what the counselee should be thinking or doing, it is not providing answers and solution but letting them operate what they choose to do. The success in solving the problem is a great feeling when you know you have helped them from the beginning. Seeing someone who experienced sadness but got to move on is a big achievement for the counselors. I’d like to believe with the previous statement I wrote. Anyway, in relation to my philosophy, everyone is normal to make a mistake and that’s why we have counselors that if a person can’t handle the situation, she’s there to make a move.

They will always care because it is their job to care and help the best that they can do. Of course counseling has many ways of approaching a counselee depending on the situation. It is on the hands of the counselor what approach would be best after gathering and knowing all about the counselee’s problem. I am seeing counseling as a continual work in progress that focuses on the needs of the counselee. In that field of work, counselor must be committed to that process of self-discovery and emotional healing. Counseling is a big help in discovering what’s real and in becoming more comfortable with the feelings, thoughts, and choices.

There’s this American series “Glee”, where the Guidance Counselor is somehow not giving justice to the real role of a school counselor. She’s flirting with a married teacher and has Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) which is very distracting that when eating something she makes it sure to be polished each of that. On that situation, I was moved and even wondered why she is like that? Did the writers of the show really researched of how a school counselor should act. Media is really frustrating. But on a lighter note, she also showed good traits about a counselor. I really hope this show affects the audience in a good way.

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