Personal Philosophy: Sunrise

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Every day has the potential to be good or bad, regardless of previous days. We all experience those endless days where we yearn for the sunrise to start fresh. Finally, that dreadful day ends, and nothing rejuvenates us more than the next morning’s sunrise. The sunrise signifies a new beginning, offering an opportunity to move on from the past or learn from it. Although we often perceive it as just the sun rising, this action holds far greater significance in shaping our daily lives and even our entire existence.

Many times, the sunrise may not be eagerly anticipated due to various reasons such as impending deadlines, tests, or the monotony of daily routines. The reluctance to wake up is often associated with going to school and facing a day filled with exams and physical education classes. It’s common to believe that one is alone in dreading early mornings and questioning the significance of these actions. Thoughts may arise about the practicality of algebra or knowledge about historical facts. However, everyone is compelled to go through these motions whether they find them necessary or not. While staying in bed might seem like an easier choice, it ultimately leads to accomplishing nothing due to laziness and avoidance of challenges. On the contrary, those who choose to get up in the morning acknowledge their desired destinations but are willing to face any future obstacles that come their way. When you finally rise from bed and witness the sunrise, there may still be a lingering feeling of longing for the day’s end.The sunrise, occurring every 24 hours, can stir up different emotions in you. Even though you are aware that you cannot stop it, you will go to great lengths to avoid it.

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A sunrise embodies a positive action, symbolizing an opportunity to pursue new goals or start afresh. Watching the sun gradually rise in the morning fills us with excitement for the possibilities that await. Each day presents its own challenges, whether it’s tackling a crucial exam, engaging in a championship game, or simply finding the perfect attire for a special event. Though some may feel uneasy, witnessing the sunrise provides us with the strength to overcome these obstacles we may be inclined to evade or delay.

As October 29th came to a close, I eagerly awaited the sunrise. The day held much promise and excitement that sleep was difficult to achieve. When dawn finally arrived, it marked my birthday. With delight, I jumped out of bed as everything seemed perfectly aligned for an extraordinary day. There was an important soccer game ahead, a delicious lunch prepared just for me, and no daunting tests or quizzes to worry about. However, my happiness briefly diminished as I looked outside – the sun had disappeared and been substituted by the moon. The idea of this day ending saddened me and left me unsure about what tomorrow would bring. Yet in considering the fleeting nature of each day, I realized that it is this uncertainty that makes every new day special. It may present challenges but embracing the sunrise is crucial if I want to discover what lies ahead.

The following day, I awoke without enthusiasm for the coming day, aware that it could never match up to yesterday. Nonetheless, I approached it with an open mind and was pleasantly surprised by receiving a multitude of candy. Halloween not only brought sweets but also an unexpected positive atmosphere. Had I remained fixated on the past and what occurred the previous day, none of this would have been attainable.

One sunrise that stirred various emotions among all those involved was graduation day and the subsequent day. Witnessing our peers go through this momentous occasion made us realize that we too would be in that same position someday. Some perceive this sunrise as the end of one chapter while others see it as a fresh beginning. Personally, I am uncertain about my reaction when that day arrives; nevertheless, I am grateful for all the knowledge leading up to it. It is an unavoidable event that will occur despite any resistance faced. When that flawless night arrives and the sun ascends above the horizon, our lives will forever change. This transformation may not happen instantaneously but gradually over time; this sunrise will profoundly shape us as individuals.

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