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Personal Philosophy of Nursing



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    Personal Philosophy of Nursing

                Nursing is one of the most vocational and honest field of specialty more than caring for the sick and providing their needs. As according to one of the many statements of Florence Nightingale, “reform, recreate… the homes of the sick poor”, the advent of humanitarian concept of reformation and recreation is a must in the current state of our society. Indeed, nurse, from its very core, involves a deeper sense of reformation and recreation, which emphasizes mainly change and renewal of concept in regards to humanitarian help.

    Professional Goals and Aspirations

                Personally, nursing is my choice, and instinctively, nursing is my vocation. Such field is not chosen by me not only for the sake of physical care delivered to those in need, but rather, to provide change and renewal of health concepts and individuality in order to maximize the quality of living. Furthermore, my goals and aspirations in this field of science and art involve the contribution to the body of knowledge itself as those famous Callista Roy, Imogene King, Henderson, etc. Even if a nurse should possess lesser gains, greater responsibility and life of sacrifices, the vocation in me shall provide the enforcement to render care, encouragement, hospitality, and hope for those patients who are in need and deemed to need such care.

    Reason for Interest in Healthcare and Patient care as a Career

                I choose nursing in order for me to fulfill a calling and not only a mere desire of obtaining knowledge, skills or ethics for the reason that these should be part of my identity in order to provide the best service and care possible. With responsibilities as heavy yet fulfilling, my duty remains to my vocation, to my goals, my aspirations, my humanitarian principles, to my fellowmen, to the nursing body of professionals, to the pride of this career and, most of all, to God, who inspire us with principles of care.

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