My Special Place, the Beach

On a nice summer day, the beach is where I want to be - My Special Place, the Beach introduction. The beach holds a special meaning to me because it is the place that my family took vacations to when I was younger. My family would go out to the beach and rent a beach home to spend the weekend there. The beach was such a relaxing place to go, I still like going as an adult. We enjoyed doing family activities, as well as walking around the pavilion and taking part in the carnival activities. I remembered walking along the beach with the grittiness of the sand beneath my feet and between my toes.

The closer I walked towards the nice warm water the sand starts to harden, making it easier to walk. While I am standing there the warm water comes closer and starts to sink my feet into the sand; when I start walking it like pulling my feet out of newly poured cement. As I walked back to my beach chair under this huge colorful umbrella, I see an array of different people. Everyone is doing something that is exciting to them. I see a couple strolling along the beach holding hand and talking. There’s the couple who looks as if it is the baby’s first time at the beach.

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She has on a cute little hat to try and block the rays of the sun from her face. There is a family who is seeing who can make the biggest sand castle; while other kids are trying to bury Dad in the sand. Volleyball is on one side, while a couple of guys are throwing the football on the other. On the pier there are older gentlemen, with their fishing rod hanging in hopes to catch a fish; just to throw it back into the ocean. You can also hear the laughter of children having fun in hot summer sun, while throwing Frisbees and balls.

The taste of the salt water in my mouth as the water splashes up into my face. Out in the distance you are able to see, speed boats zooming along in the far distance. You are also able to see cargo ships, making their way to their final destination. The seagulls are also having fun as they pick up the leftover food that was left from the family who had a basket lunch while sitting on the beach. The sound of the waves hitting against each other, is a nice soothing sound. The atmosphere is nice and relaxing.

The environment is a family-oriented, for the new family as well as the older families. As the day ends, children with sleepy eyes are crying because they are not ready to leave the beach, just yet. It has been a very adventurous day for them, but they don’t want to come back tomorrow they want to stay longer today. The beach is a place, where you are able to sit and take your mind away from life’s trouble and stress. These are the memories I had of my special places, and one day I hope my children will enjoy the beach and make it a special family place.

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