My Three Years At Glenbard West High School

Throughout my three years at glenbard west high school which is a competitive and high performing school.I stressed myself to get good grades but what i lacked in was writing so accepted the offer from my school to get the support i needed through interactive instruction therefore i benefited from small class sizes and also had support in large classes.

Mostly my whole life i grew up in a single parent home with a single mother who I’m really grateful for, although this is one of the biggest challenges i may have faced while growing up, it has also been a huge impact on my life. My mother worked hard to make sure my siblings and i are well taking care of no matter the situation my mother taught me how to be hardworking and very independent young woman like herself she always wants me to do better in life and not make the same mistakes she made when she was younger so she motivates me to the fullest.

My goal is to receive a four year bachelor degree for accountancy and i plan on accomplishing my goals by making sure i take all the required courses that’s needed to be successful therefore i believe that NIU can help me to meet my goal because you guys take time to prepare students for the challenges and great opportunities in the business world.

There was a time at the beginning of my sophomore year where my english teacher had separated the class into four groups so that we could create a presentation for class.I was working with people that I didn’t know that well so I decided to put has much effort into the project so that we could be successful during this assignment.While doing this assignment i learned that you don’t always get to work with your friends so it’s good to show that your willing to lead even if the people, your are working with aren’t your friends.

Glenbard West is considered to be a predominantly white school and what it’s like to be a minority student at Glenbard west isn’t so bad throughout my four years in high school I attended a predominantly white school because my mom thought that it would be a better opportunity for me academic wise also I never had problems with meeting new people from different race etc.

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