Narcissism: Definition, Description and Features

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NarcissismIf you’ve ever lived, worked or have been associated with an individual who suffered from narcissism, then you’ve indeed suffered, yourself. What do we know about the Narcissist and what should we do when we must associated with these egotistical individuals?We read in the Oxford Journal, (Oxford University Press, 1995) that along with other people narcissists are characterized by abilities to distinguish the good from evil meaning they are able to tell what is right and what is wrong. Nevertheless, in order to achieve the desired outcomes narcissists are able to act selfishly and to pursue only their own interests.

What is more awful is that narcissists prefer not to feel empathy and they love only themselves thinking that all people should treat them the same way as they do. Their distinguished feature is that they tend to exploit other people and to make people do things they don’t want.It is impossible for a narcissist to feel guilty about any misdoings and they will often act as if they had the right to behave rudely or uncaringly and if you are expecting an apology from the Narcissist, then just forget about it! Therefore, narcissism is claimed to refer to evil. Despite the fact that narcissists’ actions are rather mechanical, they are cruel and heartless and they ignore completely the desires of other people, their personal emotions and passions and, as the result, narcissist remains alone.

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Actually, the actions of narcissists cause less shock than their intentions to exploit others. The ways of actions are wrong and selfish. Narcissists are really depraved and it is possible to argue that they are simply intellectually lazy, though it is not excuse to behave in such way.Narcissists often tend to conceal love and friendliness towards their mates as a means of self-gratification.

To offer love and affection to another is a generous act that would cause one to experience pleasure, which a Narcissist detests. A Narcissist is not willing to make anyone happy and knowing that you are feeling degraded or rejected only satisfies the evil inside the Narcissist. So, don’t expect them to feel guilty or bad about their behavior because it will never happen. The Narcissist feeds off the fact that you are feeling bad and to show them your emotions of anger and resentment, only fuels the selfish fire inside them.

A Narcissists evil is practical aiming at exploiting others. Their actions can be defined as evil only when they pursue certain outcome involving other people to help them without agreement. They may choose to act immorally either consciously or subconsciously. Narcissists ignore the fact that their actions may lead to misery and cause pain on other people.

However, they withhold to act immorally if they are obliged to bear consequences. As it is noted, the second nature of narcissist is to act maliciously.A Narcissist always needs to be in control and we can sometimes find narcissism in the medical field. We learn from The Journal of the American Medical Association (Hebert, 2005) that, “If you need to “appear utterly competent always,” would “never admit ignorance, hesitation, or error,” need to “direct and control the conversation with patients always,” are “not known for your warmth,” “demand deference from your patient-clients,” or “must maintain a decidedly impersonal relationship, maybe you suffer from narcissism.

In Medical Errors and Medical Narcissism, John Banja, (Banja, 1995) a clinical ethicist at Emory University, focuses on the psyche of the erring physician. Rather than addressing why errors occur and how they can be prevented, his unique emphasis is on the psychological barriers to the recognition and disclosure of medical error.Banja (Banja, 1995) views error as a breach of contract, “an unwarranted failure to accommodate the standard of care”. Narcissism can emerge from anywhere, including the medical field.

Narcissists often want to be the center of attention, wherever they work, socialize or live and too many times we find that the narcissist won’t give up until all eyes and ears are solely on them. Forget about anyone else’s input, because the Narcissist will quickly see to it that all attention is paid to them, so forget about chiming in on a conversation where a Narcissist is present. If you are prepared to make the Narcissist around you the center of attention; continuously, cater to their every whim, neglect yourself and your own desires, talk only about subjects that relate to the inflated ego of the Narcissist, then possibly you may be able to cope with all the garbage that they dish out.Who are more aggressive Narcissists, Men or Women? B.

J. Bushman explains that (Bushman, 2004) “Men were found more aggressive than women, and people whose opinions had been challenged typically responded longer and more intensely.” Narcissistic individuals were more aggressive and those most insulted were the most aggressive. They were even more likely to attack those who agreed with them, as though being evaluated was sufficient to provoke the aggression.

Self-esteem was not found related to aggression. The conclusion, overall, was that narcissistic individuals were more likely to display specific aggression in response to specific threats but not that narcissistic individuals were globally more aggressive.Reference PageBaja, John. The Oxford Companion to Philosophy.

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