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Naval Hospital Guam Color Guard Essays

The United Sates Naval Hospital in Guam is one of the oldest Navy Hospitals that have been around to attend the medical needs of navy men and provide medicine for the United States Naval troops deployed overseas that are on the forefront of battle grounds to fight for the entire American nation.

Moreover, apart from this positive and finest medical service for the entire United States Naval Hospital in Guam. Also, they hold a set of remarkable Color Guard that has been really active to delight both interior and exterior ceremony of the hospital.

Color Guards, on the other hand, are the set of uniformed servicemen that carries the National Colors and the other national flags arranged in order of their position in the chain of command. In most typical instance, the these includes the department flag and  unit flag that is commonly open ended with two men, which carry a riffle. (The Old Guard)

Last October 13, 2007, the sailors or the navy had celebrated their 232nd navy birthday that was made more memorable through the presentation of the U.S. Naval Hospital Guam Color Guard. The celebration takes place in Tumon, Guam where sailors or navy men, civilian and their family members had gathered around, and arrive with their service uniforms at Pacific Islands Club in Guam to commemorate together the 232nd navy anniversary.

Moreover, the evening of commemoration had started with a presentation of colors from the Guam High School Junior Navy Reserve Officer Training Corps, followed by the singing of national anthem and the Guam Hymn by Patricia Flores.

In general, the U.S. Naval Hospital Guam Color Guard plays a significant part on the commemoration of the 232nd Navy birthday held in Tumon, Guam. In a sense, the entire troop of U.S. Naval Hospital Guam color guard is essential in every celebration or commemoration to deliver and provide he necessary honor to the celebration. In the celebration, the U.S. Naval Hospital Guam color guard had a flag presentation to deliver the honor for the commemoration of 232nd navy anniversary and fold the flags accordingly to signal the latter part of their presentation.

In the end, the U.S. Naval Hospital Guam color guard is great to provide the appropriate honors in every ceremony through their respectful presentation of flags. Nonetheless, the entire troop was successful to delight and provide honors on the 232nd navy anniversary held in Tumon, Guam. (Dejong, p.1)


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