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Needle Exchange Program

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The needle exchange plan provides unfertile acerate leafs in exchange for used dirty acerate leafs. Research has stated that with a plan in topographic point will cut down HIV and hepatitis C. The plan will supply guidance and aid educate the drug users.

I am against the needle exchange plan. The needle exchange plan supports drug users in giving unfertile acerate leafs. Needle exchange program’s are stating our kids it is acceptable to utilize drugs because the authorities will provide clean acerate leafs.

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Needle Exchange Program
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The statute law should non back up the needle exchange plan. The plan will direct the incorrect message to our kids if statute law in which to fund such a plan. The exchange will utilize our revenue enhancement dollars and will increase the sum of drug gears. If the statute law were to back up a plan. it will alter the ethical motives of our state.

The pros of the plan are the cost-efficient manner to cut down needle sharing among drug nuts.

This plan will assist user’s obtain drug intervention. detox. and some wellness showing. The users will have HIV instruction and reding for their dependence.

The disadvantages of the needle exchange plan are more important so holding the plan. The plan would let revenue enhancement dollars to fund such a plan. The revenue enhancement dollars can be used for other plans. The plan would increase drug gears in countries in which it is already high. The location of the needle exchange sites will ache our communities and there will be more drug nuts in these countries. This will demo the incorrect message to our kids.

Drug nuts transfer HIV in many other ways so the usage of dirty acerate leafs. Sharing the H2O mixture for diacetylmorphine and holding insecure sex are illustrations if other ways to convey HIV. Addicts choose to take drugs and have to accept the disease risks that follow drug usage. It states that drug traders sell drugs near needle exchange sites. This will increase offense in these countries.

Needle exchange will make unwanted communities and will deter new occupants from the community. Needle exchanges will do the community insecure. The plans bring in drug nuts. which are non clean persons. The community will go less clean with acerate leafs on the streets and community Parkss. Drug-addicts are unstable and commit offenses. This will endanger the safety of the community.

Treatment is low at needle exchange sites. The needle exchange plans do non do attempts to alter drug-addicts. The guidance given is non effectual intervention. Drug nuts are told ways to travel cold Meleagris gallopavo. which isn’t effectual manner to handle the nuts. Increasing intervention is a better solution so needle exchange.

In decision the needle exchange plans will non diminish drug usage or HIV. This is non an effectual manner to assist drug nuts. Giving unfertile acerate leafs to drug nuts is stating them it is alright to make drugs. We need to take revenue enhancement dollars for rehab clinics. The authorities needs to give wellness attention to the uninsured drug users and they can have guidance to acquire off the drugs which ruin their lives. All of these plans will assist cut down HIV. It is of import to guarantee that our immature kids know that drugs will kill drug nuts and should non be promoted with these plans on our streets.

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