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Cholinergic nicotinic receptor flash card

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    Which of the following does not describe the ANS
    a system of motor neurons that innervates all muscle cells
    The somatic and autonomic nervous systems differ in all of the following except
    all of the neurotransmitters
    Where would you not find a cholinergeric nicotinic receptor?
    all parasympathetic target organs
    The parasympathetic ganglion that serves the eye is the
    ciliary ganglion
    Cardiovascular effects of the sympathetic divison include all except
    dialiation of the blood vessels serving the skin and digestive viscera
    Over 90% of all parasympathetic fibers are derived from the cranial nerve number
    The “resting and digesting” division of the autonomic nervous system is the
    parasympathetic division
    Control of temperature , endocrine activity, and thirst are functions associated with the
    Which of these effectors is not directly controlled by the autonomic nervous system?
    increased peristalsis of the digestive viscera
    Which of the following statements is not true?
    Sympathetic origin is craniosacral, parasympathetic is thoracolumbar.
    Sympathetic responses generally are widespread because
    NE and epinephrine are secreted into the blood as part of the sympathetic response
    Sympathetic nerves may leave the spinal cord at which vertebra?
    first thoracic
    Autonomic ganglia contain
    the cell bodies of motor neurons
    The parasympathetic fibers of the __________nerves innervates smooth muscles of the eye that cause the lenses to bulge to accomodate close vision
    Fibers that enter and leave the sympathetic chain without synapsing form structures called
    splanchnic nerves
    Which of the following is not a plexus of the vagus nerve?
    Visceral reflex arcs differ from somatic in that
    visceral arcs involve two motor neurons
    The parasympathetic tone
    determines normal activity of the urinary tract
    Once a sympathetic preganglionic axon reaches a trunk ganglion, it can do all but which one of the following?
    synapse with a parasympathetic neuron in the same trunk ganglion
    Which of the following appears to exert the most direct influence over the autonomic function?
    reticular formation
    Erection of the penis or clitoris
    is primarily under parasympathetic control
    Which is a uniquely sympathetic function?
    regulation of body temperature
    Raymond’s disease
    is characterized by exaggerated vasoconstriction in the extremities
    Autonomic dysreflexia
    involves uncontrolled activatio of autonomic neurons
    Which sympathetic fibers from a splanchhnic nerve?
    those that pass through the trunk ganglion to synapse in collateral or prevertebral ganglia
    Which of the following adrenergic neurotransmitter receptors plays the major role in heart activity
    beta 1
    Where would you not find an autonomic ganglion?
    in the armpit
    The route of major parasympathetic outflow from the head is via the
    vagus nerve
    Parasympathetic functions include
    lens accomodation for close vision
    Emotions influence autonomic reactions primarily through integration in the
    Alpha and beta receptors are classes of
    adrenergic receptors
    Sweat glands are innervated by the
    sympathetic fibers alone
    A division alone that adaptss the lens of the eye for close vision
    parasympathetic divison
    The two cholinergic receptor types are nicotonic and
    A receptor type is used by the heart, and when activated increases heart rated
    The only sympathetic preganglionic neuron to go directly to an organ is one branch of the
    greater splanchnic nerve
    The parasympathetic division uses only_____________ as a neurotransmitter in the ganglionic neurons

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