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Employee Training refers to the systematic process of equipping an employee with the ideal skills, knowledge, techniques and all the know-how that shall help the said employee to effectively and efficiently complete the undertaken task without any other problems (ICMR, 2009). This shall serve to improve a company’s productivity through an improved employee’s performance.


Needs Assessment:

Addresses the fact the employee depicts some discrepancies and insufficiencies in his line of duty. This is normally after a manager or supervisor carries out a research on the said employee. It addresses the situation whereby an employee shows characteristics that, to the manager or the supervisor it translates to inadequacy of a skill towards proper delivery of the job.

Indicators of the need for training:

Existence of knowledge gap of the employees that is considered necessary towards rendering a duty in the organization is among the first indicators for the need to train. This may arise from increasing complexity in the projects undertaken and technologies used. Secondly, growth of the organization may also lead to need for training. The management may be in need to train the available staff so that it can deliver the extra responsibilities brought about due to the expansion of the company.


Refresher training may be another call for training. This is mainly in lieu with the ever changing technologies associated with the day-to-day running of the company. This serves to keep the employees updated on their mode of carrying out their respective jobs. Above all, employee turn-over can also serve as a call for employee training. This may be so because the present employees may be incapacitated of the skills to effectively carry out the duties of the employees who have left the company. In this case, such employee(s) shall certainly require development of extra skill – hence training. Similarly, the company may have recently recruited employees who do not have a clue on the mode of working for the said company. The company, again, in this case shall be obliged to run a training program in order to acquaint the new recruits with their jobs. This may be carried out through induction. (Leslie Rae, 1995)


Sources for the need to train employees

The need to inject in new skill and techniques into a company’s work-force would arise from the nature of the work delivered against the set standards of the job. The employee may hand in low quality work, and which may be against the set standards in the Job description. The numbers of the available employees against the amount of work to be carried out is another source. The fewer the employees against a vast amount of work to be done calls for a higher need to train them in order to carry out the available tasks. Technological advancement is another source for employee need to train. The more updated the employee is the more productive the organization is.

Prioritizing the needs for training


As a training manager, one should evaluate the effectiveness of the employees towards delivery of their duties. Any deficiencies should be healed through training. Option “a” (A supervisor requests training on the specialized technology required by five of his employees) would come first. Next is option “c” (The CEO requests team efficiency training to address the declining numbers of employees attending quarterly pep rallies), and lastly shall be option “b” (The customer service manager reports a sudden increase in calls about poor handling of repeat complaint calls), as the customers shall also be in order to report their views concerning how to improve product/service delivery before carrying out the training process.


In order to carry out training in this case, the trainer shall require using a combination of both instructor-led and self paced methods. The former is ideal in carrying out a technological oriented training, (where hands-on shall also be involved). A certificate may be required to be issued in this case to ascertain that the five people possess the skills trained for. However, for the other options “b” and “c”, the trainer may use a combination of the two methods.


Type of training

The type of training carried out also depends on the level of employee being trained. An employee of the company’s top strategic management certainly cannot receive the same training type as the company’s sub-ordinates. The latter may also not learn at the same speed as the strategic management employees. Whereas the subordinates may be subjected to programmed learning and computer aided instruction, skilled employees and strategic management may be subjected to laboratory training to develop a spirit of teamwork and an increased ability to deal with management and peers.







Leslie Rae (1995). “Business and Economics” pages 1-10



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