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Marketing Strategy of Nokia Company

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How does Nokia segment the market for cell phones. Nokia’s vision is a world where everyone can be connected. The company applies differentiated market segmentation. Nokia distinguishes the market according to the different variables. The first selection is based on the demands of individuals and business firms . That explains the development of mobile devices applications which fulfill the needs of individual clients and those that provides business application and software.

Second selection is based on lifestyle such as basic functionality and fashionable mobile devices under different prices to meet a variety needs of people.

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Marketing Strategy of Nokia Company
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That kind of market segmentation is called behavioral segmentation which divides customers into groups based on the way they respond to, use or know of a product. 2. What factor were paramount in Nokia decisions to enter the game playing market? Handset maker Nokia has launched its mobile games service in a worldwide effort to capture share in one of the fastest growing mobile segments.

Nokia was entering potentially huge market segment for wireless gaming.

The Nokia N-Gage was full of features – game (local or wireless), Internet, phone, PDA, hi-speed wireless modem, FM radio, etc. , all in one product. Different attributes where about to satisfy different needs of more and more demanding customers. The aim of nokia was to a gain profits by creating innovative product for all who expect something more than calling and texting. They create a new segment of user. When the N-Gage was launched, Nokia was admited that the device was a console first and a phone a distant second.

Such a notion was doomed from the start: its phone heritage was blatantly obvious – the tiny screen, primarily – and Nokia needed carriers to subsidise the device’s price to make it affordable. Inevitably, consumers were going to treat it as a game-playing phone, and arguably Nokia should have accepted that and pushed a multimedia handset rather than something that wasn’t a good console and wasn’t a good phone either. Very high cost, weak game support, and poorly designed “game deck” where the reasons the product had little or no appeal to the very niche it was trying to serve.

There was many disadvantages of the new product. N-Gage as a $300 game console, it does not come with any game which for this high price was unacceptable for the customers. The reflective screen was very good, but too small for gaming or Internet, the buttons are not optimally laid out for gaming, The case was cheap plastic and the dark grey color and patterns are disgusting and distractive. The problem was that the re-designed N-Gage was marketed as a niche product to serious gamers who owned Symbian S60 devices. But after the early failures of the platform

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