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Project on Nokia

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Project Report on Nokia Preface In this era, where the technology is growing in a very faster speed and every positive change is bringing new and enhanced features with them, the cellular phones are at the very hot issue in this growing technology. The technologies in these cellular/mobile phones are enhancing and developing day by day, including new features of entertainment, and multiple options like imaging facilities, movie/animation features, sound technologies etc. When the technology is the matter, every consumer/user prefers the latest, best and interacting featured technologies and also prefers these facilities in less cost.

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Project on Nokia
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So, in this view, there is a very big and fast competition between many companies/manufacturers of cellular phones at the world level. Introduction to the Organization Company Information:- Board of Directors:- Corporate Responsibility:- Financial Factor:- Mission Statement:- The mission statement of NOKIA is… Goals:- The goal of NOKIA is “to be a good corporate citizen wherever we operate, as a responsible and contributing member of society.

We take part in long-term projects aimed at helping young people create their own place in the world, for example through our global youth programs. ” Digital Bridging:- Maketing Objectives:-

In marketing objectives, following areas are included… Organization’s Network: Target Market:- Specially in Asia, Europe, America and the Middle East, NOKIA has a very big market. It is manufacturing GSM and AMPS technologies cellular sets which are meeting every kind of consumer’s requirements. In 2002, Nokia’s largest markets were US, UK, China, Germany, Italy, France, UAE, Thailand, Brazil and Poland. Portfolio Analysis:- So while analyzing the portfolio of NOKIA, it was found that its product of cellular phones, especially its GSM sets were making more profit to the company as compare to its other products.

So the company invested more budget in this area and started development on this area to earn the maximum profit. But in the mean while, the company didn’t neglected their other products and invested more money on the development of those products. Micro and Macro Environmental Factors Effecting Business The actions and forces outside marketing that affect marketing management’s ability to develop and maintain successful transactions within target customers, is called the marketing environment. Environmental considerations are integrated into every area of company life and at every phase of our products’ life cycle.

We believe in eco-efficiency and sustainability – to respect nature and the needs of future generations. Nokia’s new Environmental Report 2002 states the company’s understanding of the environmental aspects and impacts of its activities. There are two categories of marketing environment: Following are the microenvironmental factors which affects the company: Following are the macroenvironmental factors which affects the company: Competitive Analysis:- These competitors of NOKIA has also a big market, but as compared to NOKIA, we cannot say that they can compete this organization at the same level of competition.

Social Factors:- Marketing Strategy As we move into the Mobile World, we remain committed to strong growth, profitability and responsible market leadership. Strategic Direction:- The mobile phone is fast becoming the centerpiece of personal communication, allowing us access to an ever-widening range of services. Today, we are moving from voice services to services driven by data and multimedia. Business Environment:- Suggestions Though the NOKIA is the world’s largest cellular phone company and has the very efficient features and facilities but there are some suggestions by me after analyzing and researching about this company.

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