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Obesity In Usa

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ObesityIntroductionIn America, being fat and having it be acknowledged by others, it is very shameful. Its like getting caught having sex in your neighbors swimming pool by your parents. Or getting caught by security trying to steal a bra from K-mart when youre nine. Its like living your worst nightmare. Fatso Huge theres nothing more embarrassing then being called a name which is meant to be an insult which is true about you. 61 % of Americans are overweight. About 30% of those percentages are obese.

Most of the time, its not factually the added pounds and the disabilities it brings that are the predicament in the obese persons mentality. It is the social and physical humiliation that their disorder has brought along.

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Obesity In Usa
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Definition/Description of problemBeing obese means having enough fat to pose a medical risk. People can be defined as obese if they have a Body Mass Index (BMI) of 30 or more. The 30 stands for the percentage of body fat you have.

For example if your BMI is twenty-seven, then your body is probably made up of approximately twenty-seven percent body fat. Having a high BMI puts you at risk for certain diseases and cancers linked to obesity.

Another sign of obesity is hypertension. Also known as high blood pressure, obesity is a cause of hypertension. Hypertension occurs in obese people when so much fat clogs the arteries that little blood can get through the arteries, which leads to pressure of the blood building up in the arteries, which could possibly lead to a bursting of the artery which could lead to fatality.

HistoryThe large amount of obese people has increased drastically over the past few years causing what doctors call the obesity epidemic. (See available chart courtesy of CDC) An event to promote active lifestyles to prevent obesity is National PE day which is May 1st. Another event to promote health and prevent obesity is the opening of Cascade Middle Schools new fitness gym.

Causes and Effects of ProblemThere are many causes of obesity. Some people are obese because they overeat. Sometimes, when people are under stress they eat more than their body needs. Food is like a way to get away from it all.

In fact, some people eat more than they should because of others around them. If their family is serving up heavy portions, they may choose to eat all of the food in which they are given.

Another cause of obesity, believe it or not, is food addiction. People can become addicted to food. Usually meaning they eat even when their body is not even hungry.

Another list of obesity causes is convenience. In America, we live in a fast paced lifestyle. Many of us are in a hurry to do things and eating is one of them. Many people choose to stop at fast-food restaurants because of the cheap prices. Promotional deals and projects are a main stream of profits in the fast food nation. I do believe there is a conspiracy behind it all. Many families are so busy, that they rarely have time to eat at home, so they turn to fast food restaurants as a second home to feed the family. Fast food restaurants will always be there, while your home and a healthy home-cooked meal may not.

Unfortunately these actions have consequences and effects. Of course these causes can cause serious problems like obesity and overweight ness which can also lead to obesity-related diseases. More than 200,000 lives are cut short because of obesity each year in America alone.

A social problem by ones peers because of their obesity is another cause. Name-calling and social humiliation are what I mean by social problems. Social problems can lead to psychological problems like depression and other mental disorders.

And of course, obesity is connected to physical problems. People with more fat have trouble moving around because they have such low energy levels. Some people are so obese that they can not even see their feet, tie their shoes, paint their toenails, and find clothes that fit, or even walk. Sometimes when these things happen, people turn to surgery such as gastric bypass (A surgery in which the stomach is decreased in size and the intestine are shortened and re-routed) and liposuction (The removal of the fat) as a last resort- and sometimes, it is a lifesaving decision.

SolutionsMany people are searching for the special formula or pill that will make people magically lose weight. And these are my first solutions. There are many formulas and pills on the market today that are supposed to melt off the pounds or cure your weight problem but only few have actually done what they claim. And the ones that do prove successful can have side effects including addiction and fatality. And often times, the weight is gained back. But if they do not work and they can cause fatality, then why are these drugs still for sale? This is because these products are snuck past the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) without approval and sold to customers. And before the FDA is able to catch these conspirers, they have already left with the money without a trace.

Many times, severely overweight people do eventually turn to surgery with hopes of living a better lifestyle. Often, the surgery does prove successful although 1 to 2 out of every 200 surgeries proves fatal. I am personally not for surgery. I believe that every person no matter how big can lose weight. They just need the self-confidence and the confidence and motivation of others to help them get there.

Another method of weight loss is fasting. Fasting can be a dangerous way to lose weight. Total fasting with carefully monitored vitamin supplementations is sometimes used as a last resort for dangerously obese people under strict medical supervision of course. But no one should ever attempt fasting on their own, no matter how overweight.

Another solution to weight loss is diet groups. People who belong to diet groups are more successful at losing weight then those who try to lose on their own. The group offers each person encouragement, praise, and sympathy.

Some people unfortunately turn to eating disorders such as anorexia or bulimia. Anorexia is when you starve yourself and deprive yourself of calories. Bulimia is when you eat (binge) then purge (throw up). Both are major health problems and are fatal.

But the best and healthiest way to lose weight is better nutrition and exercise. Eating healthy foods with less calories gives you more energy so when you go to exercise, you have more energy to burn so you burn more fat. The only way to really lose weight is to burn more calories than you consume.

ConclusionThrough all of my predicaments I have found no information proving more women are affected by obesity then men. I am lead to believe that more women are affected by obesity than men because women are usually the ones with more fat or a higher BMI, and therefore are at a naturally higher risk of developing obesity. But of course not every woman is obese. All people can control their weight.

Many obese people find themselves in denial. They are always looking for reasons as to why their obesity problem was not caused by them. Denial only puts you further into the hole. The first step to recovery is admitting you have a problem.

Obesity is a very harsh and complicated study. And it is not touched lightly. There are so many causes of obesity. I am sure scientists find it hard to find both a cure and a cause. Obesity is not scientifically proved hereditary. Obesity can and is prevented by many people today. If you are obese and would like to lose weight be sure to visit a nutritionist first. You have your own fate. So if you can, eat healthy, exercise and enjoy life!

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