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Causes and Effects of Children Obesity

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    Obesity is found in one out of three innocent children. These children become more and more unsocial till it becomes a serious case of depression. There appetite has grown yet their hunger has never changed. Obesity come from unhealthy lifestyles, which later affect their mental health, given the example, and their physical health. There are many reasons more and more children have been diagnosed with obesity. Advancement in technology has caused screen time and snacking overtake a child’s hobbies. Most kids don’t get the proper amount of sleep, so they eat more because of the lack of energy. Some children can not tell the difference between their appetite and their hunger. A lot of kids stop sports to play video games or watch television. A young child’s main exercise come from sports. The heavier children are, the more they are excluded from physical activity, which the desperately need. Kids who easily get stressed, often have a chemical cascade that urges them to eat sugary food.Most parents do not often well consider their child’s weight more than they should. Obesity has many effects on people, especially young children.

    Obesity sometimes forces people to take drugs only meant for adults. This can damage a child’s kidney severely. Often times children diagnosed with obesity, are diagnosed with diabetes, cancer high blood pressure, nad sleep apnea. Children tend to hit puberty due to all the adipose tissue from obesity. It can make you age faster which can lead you to face deadly illnesses. A child with obesity is often made fun of, excluded, called names, affecting their mental health. Many are diagnosed with depression, eating disorders, and many others. Eating disorders are usually from unintentional things. Often, parents that discriminate their child, they lack self-confidence and are unsocial. Do not get to the point where your child is not eating because that will most definitely be counterproductive. All hope isn’t loss if diagnosed with obesity at an early age. Overcoming obesity has to start with the determination in the patient, for anything to work. Losing just a few pounds can reduce deadly hazards dremendlesley. It can also boost a patient’s confidence and give them the determination they need. If you are a young child you don’t need to lose weight, so long that you do not continue gaining weight rapidly.

    After you have the perseverance, start with the small changes in your lifestyle. Make a plan for meals and exercise so you know exactly what you’re doing and when. Small changes will go a long way. Be careful on what you eat and when you eat, because the amount of calories a child consumed should never be over two thousand calories. Parents have a huge roll in their child’s life, and setting a good example is very effective. Although obesity is a complicated thing, there is a science behind it. If you are above the ninety-fifth percentile you are considered obese. Obesity is a different case in every single child, because every single child is different. One in three children, in America, are diagnosed with obesity. More than half the people diagnosed with obesity live in America. Obesity is a chronic disease meaning, it is long lasting, or repeatedly reoccuring. To get an accurate measurement on obesity, DXA and skinfold tests measure the thickness of fat and where fat is distributed. BMI(Body Mass Index) is most commonly used to measure how obese you are. Excess weight around the waist is often times visceral tissue that acts differently, making it much more dangerous. Many studies show that people diagnosed with obesity live up to five years shorter. Obesity in children is most commonly found in ages two to five, and girls, ages sixteen to nineteen.

    There are many ways to prevent obesity, but it will always start with a healthy lifestyle. Most diets do not contain enough fruits and vegetables, which are crucial when it comes to energy. You should also be happy with yourself and be comfortable in your own skin. Always be positive about yourselves and your child’s body. Think of your body as an asset, never a weakness. Exercise should become a routine or a daily thing. Make it fun so you will look forward to doing it. It does not have to be hardcore weight lifting or even sprinting. You can start out walking or jogging and move your way up to sprinting. This will take time so do not get frustrated, because that will not help anything. Do this change in your life with someone else because it is way too difficult to do it alone. Sleep is a crucial when it comes to your energy, mood, physical health, and mental health. Obesity is often viewed as simply being fat or overweight. But, there is much more to it than it meets the eye. Overcoming obesity is gets harder and harder the heavier you are, but it is possible. Obesity comes from unhealthy lifestyles, which later affect their mental health, and their physical health. It has to start with the willingness of the patient and a change in their lifestyle. Otherwise, it could lead to life threatening situations that nobody can face alone. Do not let you life get out of your control, before it is to late. It’s time to change the number when a young, innocent child steps onto a scale.

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