Occupational Safety

Safety is defined as the state of being safe, while rule is a statement of what to do or not to do in a certain situation. Safety rules contain set of policies interpreting a law or policy to maintain safety. It is applicable in any area and must be done at all time. Unexpected situation like accident may occur in a workplace. That’s why safety rules come with its purpose, and it is to prevent the occurrence of any work related injury. Safety rules includes checklist of safety standards in the workplace, appropriate personal protective equipment and identifying safety symbols.

Being knowledgeable enough about the safety rules is the real essence of Occupational Safety and Health. I chose this topic (safety rules), not because our group conducted a report about this during prelim. That’s just a simple reason. Definitely, I picked this one because I was able to visualize the usefulness of safety rules when the time comes that I need to face the real world. That real world pertains to a suitable job for me in the near future, wherein I am responsible to apply what I had gained during college years.

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Safety rule is really applicable since my course is Bachelor of Science in Business Administration major in Operations Management. After all, in any type of occupation, it is a necessity that there must be a safety precautions or rules to follow. Everyone must practice safety rules not only at the workplace or occupational purposes, but also everywhere and in daily activities. The reasons why we need to know safety precautions are for us to be able to protect: protect people from injury, protect the environment from contamination and protect the equipment from damage.

Back to my high school days wherein my Technical Vocational Education (TVE) course is Computer Hardware Servicing since I am a graduate from Business High School, there, we tackled about what I knew is Occupational Health and Safety. We must practice safety because our workplace is prone from electrocution since we are trained to repair malfunction system unit with its power on. From there, I got an idea about the main rules on safety. We are not allowed to wear accessories such as earing, watch, bracelet or any metallic accessories that might serve as a conductor of electricity.

We are also instructed to wear appropriate clothing and personal protective equipment like antistatic wrist strap. This experience of mine served as a little knowledge and idea about the subject Occupational Safety and Health. There comes a time that unexpected situation happen such as accident. Those incidents are unpredictable yet can be prevented, if only we know how to. When it comes to safety, we are all indeed to follow such rules and regulations. After all, no one would be likely to be at risk or n danger. Everyone must know safety rules.

It is a great importance, but knowing is not enough. What matters most is being able to practice those rules and recognize hazards where we need to focus our attention. Fire Protection and Control Fire protection and control is located under Rule 1940 of the Philippines as amended by Occupational Safety and Health Standards. It is stated there that all buildings for occupancy used shall be located in areas provided for applicable zoning regulations of the locality. Fire protection is the practice and study of mitigating or preventing unpleasant effects of fires.

It involves specific standards, fire test of building materials, and standards for design and installation. We now started to bid good bye to the cold breeze and begin to have a warm welcome to summer. March is said to be a fire prevention month, but every month we must practice fire protection and control, since we never known when fire will attack. Back to summer talk, it is possible to cause fire due to too much heat. But since we are not clueless about that fire protection thingy, we know what to do and where to go in case of fire.

Even though I was not enrolled in engineering course, it is also my right to learn about building structures and construction needed to be used in constructing establishments. After all, learning is good! Among wood-frame, slow –burning, and fire resistant construction, for me the fire-resistant construction is the most applicable. It is really significant to have enough knowledge about fire protection and control. No one can say when fire incident will happen, so it is good to be prepared at all times.

Since I learned something about fire protection, I have an idea now on what should I do just in case I encounter fire.. (But of course I don’t wish to experience that one) Fire exit and fire extinguisher is a must in every establishment. No one knows when is the occurrence of potentially destructive fire that’s why it is essential for everyone to be prepared. Everybody must be trained on how to use fire extinguisher. Fire exit must be located in an accessible area without any block or hindrance at the door where everyone will find it easy to escape just in case of fire.

I became aware about fire protection during my elementary up to high school years, since we are all required to conduct and practice fire drill every year. We are taught to go on evacuation area. We are taught not to panic. If I relate fire protection to life, I can say that there are such times that unexpected situation happen. As what I heard from a DJ of a well-known radio station before, “we must expect the unexpected”. Troubles and problems will go on our way, but do not let it as a hindrance. What matter is, we are prepared on such situation, and we know how to cope and deal with problems.

During the encounter of fire disaster in life, learn to use an exit in order not to be trap by the fire and will stay forever down with that trouble. Electrical Safety In order for us to learn more about electrical safety, we must know first the basic information regarding electric or electricity. The set of physical phenomena accompanied with the presence and flow of electric charge id called electricity. It gives a variety of well-known effects, such as static electricity, electromagnetic induction, lightning and the flow of electrical current. The two kinds of electricity are conductor and insulator.

Conductor has many electrons which allow the passage of electricity. This includes metals, while insulator contains few electrons which prevent the passage of electricity. This includes plastic, rubber, glass, and wood. Electrical safety promotes safe working environment while dealing with electricity. Rule 1910. 302 is all about electrical utilization system which covers electrical insulations and utilization equipment. The content of 1910. 303 which is the general requirement is about the approval of electrical conductors and equipment, the employer obligation, and the working space.

Electricity has the potential of providing the whole world with convenient living. I hope so; electricity will not also be the cause of any danger. As I look along the corner of every establishment, I can say that we are really living in a world surrounded and generated by the source of electricity. Well, it is good enough, but I can’t resist of thinking that a single misuse and lack of knowledge about electrical safety, may lead to potential harm or hazard. I admit that I am having fear of connecting or plugging power cords into an outlet.

It just happen before that the outlet spark and produce a freaking sound of explosion by the time I connected my cell phone charger. It scared me a lot when I smell something burning from the outlet. The good thing is, I am not the one who got burned. Even though I already know in the first place what are the dos and don’ts when dealing with electricity, still I don’t follow. My experience serves as an actual lesson, since live electricity will not feel pity on me. In addition, it is significant to have a checklist for electrical safety.

It will be a guide and reminder of proper electrical safety. Octopus wiring is the common cause of fire. That’s why it is important to practice elimination of octopus wiring to avoid that incident. It is necessary to inspect cords and plugs for faulty wirings or damages cords. This might be the cause of electric shock. Electric shock is the contact of a human body with any source of electricity that causes sufficient current through the skin. We must also check power cords and plugs daily. I usually practice that at home specially before leaving it unattended.

I also unplug power cords of electrical appliances when not in use not only to conserve electricity, but also as part of safety. Too much use of electrical appliances might lead to overheating and may also be the reason of fire. We must also avoid wearing metallic accessories when dealing with electricity. That is the reason why conductors and insulators are also discussed. Metals are conductors of electricity, from the word itself, conduct which means allow the passage of current. Material Handling Equipment Material handling equipment is commonly seen at factories and manufacturing companies.

It is use in storage and handling equipment in order to protect it from damage during the process of working into it. It is applicable especially in machine manufacturer companies. The best example is U-bix Corporation wherein printing and photocopying machines are manufactured and produced. They use a material handling equipment like AGV (automatic guided vehicle) which is really helpful in moving heavy machines. AGV also makes the work easier and faster, thus making the production more progressive. Plus the pallet box which is use in storage, maintaining a damage-free work.

I chose this topic because I know from the very start that I enrolled in a school surrounded with company. I once imagine myself working one of those building around Facilities Management College. Just in case I will be assigned on the area with machineries, I already know what the functions of material handling equipment there. Being involved in Operations Management, it is significant to know how to protect everything in the workplace starting from the inputs up to the efficient outputs. As part of Occupational Safety and health, materials handling equipment is stated under Rule 1150.

The essence why this rule was made is to maintain the safety in the work place. If an employee knows what are to be done and not to be done at work, then it will be a safe working environment. Handling and storage are the main things that most workers need to be aware of. Malpractices in handling equipment are the usual cause of accidents resulting to injuries and incidents such as committing damage to equipment. That is the reason why it is important to know something about the rules and policies to be done before working.

Material handling equipment is equipment related to the movement, storage, control and protection of materials, goods and products throughout the process of manufacturing, distribution, consumption and disposal. Material handling equipment is the mechanical equipment involved in the complete system. [1] Material handling equipment is generally separated into four main categories: storage and handling equipment, engineered systems, industrial trucks, and bulk material handling. This equipment is used to increase output, control costs, and maximize productivity.

There are several ways to determine if the material handling equipment is achieving peak efficiency. Pesticides and Fertilizers There are some cases in life wherein we don’t notice the importance of a thing just because we are not involved with it. But if we only try to open our eyes, everything around us has its purpose. Has advantages and disadvantages, has pros and cons, or assets and liabilities. Just like the pesticides and fertilizers. They are essential, usually in agricultural purposes, yet somehow harmful to health.

It has the potential to affect any individual’s safety. Rule 1950 contains pesticides and fertilizers. It includes general provisions, pesticides handling and storage, fertilizers handling and storage, hygiene and disposal of unwanted materials. This rule shall apply to all agricultural and industrial enterprises. I have known that pesticide is any substance intended to control or prevent pest, while fertilizer is any substance applied to soil or plant for the purpose of plant growth and increasing crop yield.

We have to know something regarding the usefulness of pesticides and fertilizers, including its harmful effect in order to maintain safety. By means of this, we can prevent toxic from agricultural pesticide residues in the food we eat. Anyone come up with an idea that information about pesticides and fertilizers won’t be useful since they are not planning to be a farmer someday. If that so, I beg to disagree and I can say that it is a wrong thought. Insecticide is one category of pesticide used at home to mitigate insects such as mosquitoes, cockroaches, and flies.

Rodenticide is for rodent or rat that usually destroys properties at home. One thing is structural pesticide, which is really effective in controlling pest called termite that causes destruction on wooden structures. In terms of agricultural pesticide, well information about this is not only for farmers. It is one thing that everyone must be aware of. Sometimes, vegetables, crops and fruits we eat look safe at the outside, but we do not even notice that it’s been contaminated with pesticide residues on the inner part. The importance of fertilizers is recognized even in garden or backyard at home.

In my case, my mother is a nature lover and loves taking care of different kinds of plants. She used to put there biodegradable waste as a fertilizer. That fertilizer is called natural fertilizer and hazard-free since it is a natural way. I once been curioused why an aerial plant particularly the orchids have an egg shell on its leaves, without even knowing that it serves as a fertilizer. I also used to kill earth worms because they really look disgusting. I usually put salt into it while watching the innocent worm disappear on my sight. I did that before I knew that earth worms are useful to soil.

They contribute in plant growth and healthy soil suitable for planting purposes. If I relate pesticides and fertilizers to life: Pesticides can be compared to people that surround us. Family, friends and acquaintances which has the ability to help us prevent or destroy worries, problems, and hindrances which are considered pests in life while we are in the process of growing up. On the other hand, not all pests are harmful. Sometimes they are blessing in disguise, meaning worms are seen as pest, like problems are seen as hindrance. Yet, problems just serve as a lesson and make us stronger than before.

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