The Odyssey Character On The Cyclops Character Analysis

The Odyssey, by Homer, is an action packed heroic verse form and is one of the most celebrated in Grecian literature. It describes the escapades of a great warrior called Odysseus, therefore, the name of the heroic poem. Odysseus faces many enemies throughout The Odyssey one of them being, the Cyclops, besides known as Polyphemus. He is a colossal, one-eyed monster who lives entirely in a cave, taking an unworldly life. A cool character is person that is strong, easy to gull, and barbarian monster who cares about no 1 but himself. The Cyclops is a truly cool character.

The Cyclops is strong and powerful. For case, he can easy catch two adult work forces in one fist. “He clutched at my comrades and caught two in his manus like writhing puppies”. Furthermore, Polyphemus blocks his cave utilizing an tremendous bowlder. In add-on to that, Odysseus and his work forces knife the Cyclops in the oculus and fly out to sea where Odysseus taunts him. Out of fury, the Cyclops tears off a brow and hurled it at Odysseus’s ship. “The unsighted thing in his rage broke a brow in his custodies and heaved it at us”. The Cyclops is cool because he can crush up ugly people such as stealers and criminals.

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The Cyclops is a fleceable character. First off, the Cyclops believes Odysseus when he tells him that his name is Nohbdy. “Nohbdy is my meat and so I eat his friends”. Furthermore, he accepted vino from Odysseus and his work forces, people he was continuously tormenting. “Three bowls I brought him and he poured them down”. Besides, the Cyclops leaves Odysseus and his work forces, who were complete aliens to him, entirely in his home when he goes out with his sheep. The Cyclops is cool because he can be easy fooled into making things for people, for his stupidity and credulousness is apparent.

The Cyclops is barbarian and is concerned merely about himself. For illustration, he violently eats two of Odysseus’s work forces for no ground at all. “He clutched at my comrades and caught two in his manus like writhing puppies, to crush their encephalons out splattering the floor. Then he dismembered them and made his repast”. In add-on to that, the Cyclops mistreats and mocks invitees, as he does to Odysseus and his warriors when they foremost meet. “You are a ninny, or else you come from the other terminal of nowhere”. A civilised being would handle invitees with award and regard. Furthermore, Polyphemus does non care and does non believe in Gods. The Cyclops is cool because he can entertain people by mocking others.

Without a uncertainty, the Cyclops is a cool character. In the terminal, he gets stabbed in the oculus by Odysseus and loses his vision. Odysseus flights and flees off to another land to observe his triumph, while Polyphemus prays to his male parent, Poseidon, to do Odysseus injury and do him pay for what he did. Overall, the Cyclops is rather a diverse and entertaining character.

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