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Homer Research Paper The Odyssey is

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  • Pages 4
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    Homer Essay, Research Paper

    ? The Odyssey? is one of merely a few heroic poems still in being today. An heroic poem is a long narrative verse form which focuses on the lives and battles of a great hero or heroes. Homer used many literary techniques to do his poesy more to the full understood. He was really versed in his Grecian Gods and uses them as great heroes.

    ? The Odyssey? was written about 2500 old ages ago. Top bookmans have spent much clip trying to corroborate who created these heroic poems, ? The Odyssey? and? The Iliad? , when they were written, and where they were written. These bookmans have made their educated conjectures, nevertheless they are non wholly in understanding as to precisely where these two chef-d’oeuvres have come from.

    Today bookmans are still challenging over who truly wrote? The Odyssey? and? The Iliad? . There are noteworthy differences between the two every bit far as the linguistic communication and the manners. This difference has forced some bookmans to the decision that possibly the heroic poems were authored by a group of people poetries a individual writing. Those who hold to this belief experience this manner because the? The Odyssey? is less epic and more graphic. The bulk, nevertheless, favor the sentiment that both? The Iliad? and? The Odyssey? were in fact authored by a individual individual and that individual individual being a adult male named Homer. They believe that the differences in his manner can be attributed to his progressing old ages and that the more passionate? Iliad? was a work of his young person.

    The people of Greece clasp to the belief that a adult male named Homer wrote both? The Iliad? and? The Odyssey? . No 1 is certain of his place of birth. There are seven different Greek metropoliss who claim to be the place of birth of Homer and his place. The most common belief is that Homer came from the island of Chios, which is merely off the western seashore of Asia Minor.

    It is believed that Homer was a seasoned rhapsode. A rhapsode being a poet who performs his work without reading it. Homer, more than probably, dictated his plants to a Scribe who penned his unbelievable plants of poesy.

    Homer is believed to hold been a unsighted adult male. This is based on his character, Demodocus, the blind vocalist in the? Homeric Hymns? . It is besides a fact that in ancient times many rhapsodes, performing artists such as Homer, were in fact blind and hence memorized their plants.

    As to the day of the month that these heroic poems were written there is one time once more considerable differences in sentiment. By looking at the political events, his manners, his linguistic communication, etc,

    most believe these to hold been written someplace between 600 BC and 700 BC. ? The Iliad? was written foremost and Homer followed up by composing? The Odyssey? .

    Homer holds an interesting attitude toward decease in his plants, peculiarly in? The Odyssey? . He writes some really moving transitions with respect to the decease of many of the lesser heroes. He ne’er lets up on acquiring the point across that lesser heroes are nil in comparing to the greater heroes who have killed them.

    As to the truth of the two heroic poems no 1 is certain. There has been a site found by archeological research that may so be the site of this great Homeric metropolis. This metropolis would be the site of the besieging of Troy in? The Iliad? and the juncture of the rovings of Odysseus in? The Odyssey? . It is possible that was problem between two groups of people who inhabited the shores of the Aegean Sea but it is all unknown to history. Whatever the truth be of these two heroic poems, we can trust on the fact that there was a batch of fable in the heroic poems written by Homer.

    Throughout Homer? s writings one will see continued usage of a literary device called expressions. Formulas are stock phrases or descriptions that express a given thought and so is on a regular basis repeated throughout the class of the narration. Some illustrations of this device are? far-darting Apollo? , ? rosy-fingered morning? , and? fast-footed Achilles? . Homer besides used expressions to depict perennial actions such as? He spoke these winged words? to depict induction of a address.

    Homer besides used symbolism and imagination as an instrument for depicting in his plant. By and large a poet will utilize a word or group of words which carry a much bigger significance, this is a symbol. An image, on the other manus, is a word or a group of words devised to convey out sense feeling of the reader. Sometimes images become symbols by association.

    Despite all the dissensions and divided beliefs, one thing is certain. These two Hagiographas, ? The Iliad? and? The Odyssey? are well-thought-of chef-d’oeuvres. The two stand as pillars in the universe of literature still today. It started with the Greeks and the Europeans and has continued deriving it? s popularity until the whole universe uses these as illustrations of heroic literature. Homer? s heroic poems are 2nd merely to the? Holy Bible? in universe popularity. So no affair who wrote them, where they were written, and when they were written, they have impacted the universe as no other pieces of literature have and have become a centrepiece in heroic literature.

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