Homer’s The Odyssey Analysis

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In Homer’s The Odyssey, man y people change in result of the Trojan War. One man learns to respect the god s and another to stay close to family because family and friends are greater then any monetary value. Telemachus’s adventures and experiences cause him to mature to realize his potential.

Telemachus was left alone at Ithaca without someone to look up to / tell him right from wrong. He has big potential to live up to, but him described as ” inept from battle”, needs guidance and motivation. Being Odysseus’s son means to be ready for anything that comes his way.He needs to be supportive of Odysseus and be willing to learn.

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He needs to be wary, and can maintain Ithaca when his father is gone. Odysseus son needs to be proud, and resourceful and ingenious. He needs to be able to truly say he is Odysseus son through his actions and words. By learning around others, realizing his potential, and being guided Telemachus matures and becomes Odysseus’s true son.

Telemachus’s learns through others important lessons that lead him to being a better prince and a good son. ” Please, Menelaus, don’t keep me quite so long. (4, 668)That shows that through Agamemnon’s fate and suffering as well as King Nestor’s stories Telemachus is eager to learn, and actually does. He has learned to hold on to family and friends from Menelaus.

” So I rule al this wealth with no joy” (4, 103) Menelaus’s pertinent talk with Telemachus immediately comes into play, shown when Menelaus offers to let Telemachus to stay at his home exchanging stories. He is reminded of the Agamemnon story and wants to return home to calm his grieving mother.He knows that if his family does not have trust and loyalty, Penelope will lose all hop without her 2 men in the house. Then his family will end up with the fate of Agamemnon’s: chaos and confusion.

By learning from others experiences, Telemachus becomes ingenious about his decisions and knows right from wrong. Telemachus realizes his potential and uses insight to realize what he is capable of, inspiring him to mature and to be remembered in Greek History.Back home, he was being mistreated and neglected, watching as the brazen suitors destroyed his kingdom. Good Blood runs in you, dear boy, your words are proof” (4, 688) realizing what greatness and goals he can achieve it makes him want to be the better person.

He wants to be heard, ex: calling an assembly. That has not been done since godlike Odysseus ran Ithaca when they were about to go to war. The quote shows Telemachus doesn’t only look like Odysseus, but their actions are mutual. Menelaus someone Telemachus has never met before says his words prove Telemachus is Odysseus’s son and says to him that he couldn’t put it better himself.

You can Telemachus controlling his sorrow instead of weeping at suppertime. His realization of his capability of his potential gives him hop and inspiration. Telemachus realizes what he can do and the colossal name of Odysseus true son makes him mentally stronger for the road ahead to know how big shoes he has to fill. Telemachus at the beginning of Book 1 is “cool headed” which means he is laid back, unable to do anything.

He even describes himself as ” a boy inept from battle”.However, as the giant killer visits Calypso’s island to see to Odysseus release, Athena visits Telemachus and sends an inspirational message to him that motivates him. As well as sandy Pylos and Menalaus’s kingdom gives him a sense of what a successful kingdom has and what he has to do to make it successful. In Book1, Lines 321- 345 Athena gives him a plan and guides him on the boat to ensure his safety.

By book 4, he knows what it means to be a good prince. By looking at 2 model, civilized cities he knows what needs to be done.King Menelaus + Nestor say that Telemachus is truly Odysseus’s son. This guides him by giving him confidence and mental strength to achieve his goal: to be a good son and be a good prince.

From Book 1 to 4, he goes from being weak and unable to do anything, t knowing what to do when he gets home and lessons to hive his family strong during touch times. Telemachus ultimately grows by the experiences he has and the people around him that guide him in a direction in which he will benefit from later on. They give him planning to be the best he can be.This information helps him to be a better prince by telling him exactly what matters and what to do.

The suitors constantly deplete and ebb Ithaca’s resources. They tear the kingdom apart, as well as his family. Without the suitors, the kingdom can function properly until Odysseus returns because there will be order. At the end of book 4,he knows what to do by Nestor’s + Menelaus’s stories as well as Athena’s precise, clear plan.

This will lead him to being successful. By learning around others, realizing his potential, and being guided Telemachus matures and becomes Odysseus’s true son.

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