The Odyssey And The Epic Of Gilgamesh

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Both The Odyssey and the Epic of Gilgamesh are two unbelievable narratives written long ago everyone knows this but what a batch of people Dons? T is that these two heroic poems portion many of the same constructs. Such as the nostro ( the Greek term for homecoming ) , xenis ( guest/host relationship ) , oikos ( family ) , and aganoriss ( acknowledgment ) . In both heroic poems these subjects are illustrated.

In The Odyssey the subject of nostro is really prevailing in this heroic poem. Basically the whole narrative is based around this construct. The chief character Odysseus whole end in the book is his homecoming. Along his journey he faces many challenges dividing him from his place Ithaca and his household. The chief thing that keeps Odysseus traveling is the idea of one twenty-four hours being place with his household no affair how many set dorsums he faces.

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In The Epic of Gilgamesh the subject of nostro is more or less established the lone difference between the two heroic poems is nostro is non the chief focal point in this 1. The chief character in this heroic poem is the great and powerful male monarch Gilgamesh. Gilgamesh is non affected by the subject of homecoming until the terminal of the book after his best friend Enkidu is killed by the Bull of Heaven and he goes looking for ageless life. Unfortunately he is non successful in his pursuit and recognize he is mortal and realizes how of import his household is and returns to Uruk to be with them.

The following subject that is incorporated into the Odyssey is the subject xenis. This subject is besides good incorporated into this heroic poem. It seems wherever Odysseus goes he is welcomed with unfastened weaponries. For illustration when he arrives in Scheria the place of the Phaeacians the princess Nausicaa and her servants bath him and take him to the castle of king Alcinous where he is invited to a feast. This is really of import in his successes after all without the aid from all these people he would non be able to do it place. The relationship between invitee and host is something needed in this heroic poem.

Xenis is represented in the Epic of Gilgamesh after Enkidu battles with Gilgamesh and they become friends and he accepts him. He so stays with him and is treated like a invitee. It seems in this heroic poem xenis does non play as an of import function as it does in The Odyssey. Therefore this is where these two would differ. Much of the Odyssey is based upon this subject.

Another subject oikos is integrated into the Odyssey. The family in this heroic poem seems to be an of import construction in the relationship between Odysseus, Penelope, and their boy Telemachus. After all it is their family that is threatened by the suers and leads Telemachus to seek for the truth about the whereabouts of his male parent. Besides the hazard of the suers wash uping Odysseus? resources and family thrust him to kill the suers. Which besides plays into the narrative good. To me it seems as though these subjects play more of a function in this heroic poem.

Okios is represented otherwise in the heroic poem. It is evident that in this heroic poem the family is held as less of import due to the fact that Gilgamesh corrupts other families by kiping with the virgins before they are married, an maltreatment of power. It is non held to every bit high a criterion as it is in the Odyssey. Not state Odysseus does roll from his married woman but Gilgamesh makes a point of it. It is non until the terminal when he realizes the importance of household and ht family.

The last of the subjects that appear in the Odyssey is the subject of acknowledgment, or aganoriss. Recognition is indispensable to Odysseus when he appears before male monarchs, Gods, and goddess. Why? When people or Gods acknowledge who he is they treat him otherwise, all except Poseidon where acknowledgment is Odysseus? ruin. Besides ad it non been for aganoriss King Nestor would non hold supplied Telemachus with a chariot for his travel to Sparta where he could larn more of his male parent location and public assistance. And eventually Odysseus needs to be recognized as the swayer of Ithaca to derive back control of his land from the suers. Again without aganoriss this narrative would non be complete.

In the Epic of Gilgamesh aganoriss is fundamentally Gilgamesh’s life. The chesty male monarch demands acknowledgment to be it seems. He wants everyone to acknowledge that he this really strong, really brave, and really good looking ( about godlike ) . The acknowledgment contributes to his self-love, which is his whole character. Without it he is non Gilgamesh he is more like his opposite number Enkidu who does non necessitate acknowledgment.

In decision both incorporate the four Grecian subjects in some signifier or another. They play different functions in each heroic poem sometimes more of import in one than the other. Without these subjects the heroic poems would non be complete. In making this paper I gained a better apprehension of why these heroic poem included these subjects.

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