Enders Game vs. Odyssey

The Odyssey, written by Homer, and Ender’s Game, written by Orson Scott Card, are books written about two different individuals who show both their good, and their inner evil, but only one is a true hero. Ender is a true hero. Coming as a weak, sensitive child, he transforms into a person who practices nonstop strategies and maneuvers until they are just simple natural instincts. He shows leadership, courage, fearfulness, and trust. Odysseus is no hero. Even though he won the Trojan War, he returns with a massive amount of his men dead just from his journey to and from Troy.

He shows his brutality, foolishness, and no sense of gratefulness and honor. Ender expresses kindness and sensitivity, but faces situations in which his hidden anger takes the best of him. Entering Battle School, Ender expresses his kindness towards other Launchies, and makes a few friends. He teaches ways to maneuver throughout the practice battle room to his acquaintances and immediately makes new friends. He even makes friends with Alai, who disliked him because his friend Bernard told him that he had broken his arm.

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This relates to Odysseus’s actions of his men show the lack of training he has provided for his crew members. Ender’s leadership skills kick in when he steps up and forms his own practice sessions, which plays a great advantage later on in the story. Ender has been transferred to Salamander Army, in which he was given strict limitations by his army leader, Bonzo Madrid. Ender quickly learns the only way he will ever learn to fight in space is to take a part in battle. He is given no choice but to assemble extra practice sessions with his former Launchie group.

During his practice sessions Ender welcomes any person who wants to practice and teaches them with kindness and patience. He takes time to teach the slow learners, and still is able to teach the fast learners maneuvers and positions in the Battle Room. Odysseus has no leadership skills. He makes decisions based on what he wants and greeds, and lets his crew make their own decisions. He does not plan attacks as a group or assign positions and orders. He shows a meager sample of his weak leadership and his inner evil when he stops by the island of Ismarus, plundering innocent people and murdering them for the fun of it.

Ender’s leadership towards his team and courage to stand up for what he thinks is right pays off. Ender quotes,”Alai, this is yours; assign Petra and Vlad to the fighters as you wish. ” (Card 195) the trust that his team has for him is brotherly. Any decision Ender makes, even the unthinkable, is always followed and completed. Ender arrives at Command School, feeling exhausted and nervous that the world will depend on him, yet he comes feeling strong, willing to train hard and examine closely. This is mainly how Ender feels since the teachers have pushed Ender to extreme limits, and still he shows no weakness.

Ender fights in simulations with his friends at Battle School and learns in reality he actually defeats the buggers and destroys their planet. Odysseus may be full of courage, but he holds the wrong type. His fearlessness and courage to fight and act upon situations always leads him to no good. When Odysseus and his men leave the island of Polyphemus, he was definitely courageous to admit to tricking Polyphemus. His foolishness only leads him to more dead men and a long, tough way returning home. In the end, Ender’s heroic actions and abilities overcome Odysseus’s idiotic actions.

Odysseus goes out with a crew, uses them and gets them killed, returns home and murders more people. Ender uses his kindness as an advantage, gaining many friends and followers and earning trust. He destroys the bugger planet and becomes a world famous hero.


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