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Of Mice and Men How Has Segregation Affected Crooks? Sample

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‘Of Mice and Men’ by John Steinbeck was written during the Great Depression in America in the 1930’s. During the Great Depression there was a great occupation loss which resulted in work forces going migrator works. This was peculiarly difficult for black Americans because back so favoritism against black people wasn’t abolished yet ; they were segregated from the white people which meant they couldn’t find work. They were treated really ill and were considered one degree up from animate beings.

Steinbeck had a good cognition of the life people were populating back so because he had the experience of life and working at a spread in Salinas where his narrative is based. The narrative begins by depicting the scenery in a batch of item ; he describes it in such a manner that some people have compared it to the Garden of Eden in the bible. It so goes on to present the two chief characters. George and Lennie by a river.

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Of Mice and Men How Has Segregation Affected Crooks? Sample
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At the terminal of the narrative it ends with George and Lennie back where they started. by the river.

The construction of this is a rhythm ; it goes back to the beginning. Steinbeck may hold chosen to hold a round secret plan to demo that no circle has an stoping. in a manner the secret plan is like a representation to demo the dead terminal being of the Great Depression. One of the chief subjects of Mice and Men is loneliness. Steinbeck shows that you don’t needfully hold to be on your ain to experience lonely ; there are many grounds why most people felt lonely during the depression. The chief grounds were because of favoritism which Steinbeck shows through Crooks. another ground was bias which he shows through Curley’s married woman. Besides. most migratory workers worked entirely. but the fact that George and Lennie worked together confused the other characters on the spread. Candy and Curley’s married woman experience solitariness through bias. Because of Candy’s physical disablement of merely holding one manus. besides because of his old which has made him an castaway and barely any usage to the spread. Candy knows that one twenty-four hours he will be no usage to the spread and that he will hold nowhere to travel.

But when he hears of George and Lennie’s dream of life in a small topographic point of their ain he is despairing to be portion of it. He bribes them by offering to pay half the money that it will be. he so goes on to state the things he could make ‘I could cook and be given the poulets and hoe the garden some’’ another graft to seek and do himself look utile. Candy may be making this non merely because he wants someplace to populate but because he’s lost his Canis familiaris which was his lone company. so now he is seeking to go portion of George and Lennie’s friendly relationship which money can non purchase. Candy had a Canis familiaris that was merely known as ‘Candy’s dog’ like Curley’s married woman ; his Canis familiaris didn’t have an existent name and is merely known as ‘Candy’s Canis familiaris. ’ His Canis familiaris was his lone friend. the lone 1 that kept him company and from being lonely. Candy has had his Canis familiaris for a long clip ‘I had him from a pup’ this shows that he may of turn a bond with it because he’s had it for so long. So for Carlson to hit his Canis familiaris must of made him gain that he has no 1 now that his dog’s been shot.

You could compare Candy’s relationship with his Canis familiaris to George and Lennie’s relationship because they are both had close friendly relationships. but Candy could ne’er really pass on with his Canis familiaris like George can’t have a proper conversation with Lennie. Besides. the Canis familiaris and Lennie both end up being shot behind the caput. Curley’s married woman is lonely because back in the 1930’s work forces were considered to be superior to adult females. adult females were thought of as weak and useless whereas the work forces were thought to be as strong and powerful. Her hubby Curley is overprotective of her but doesn’t talk to her either. The workers on the spread don’t talk to Curley’s married woman because they are scared of what Curley may state or make for the simple fact that she is Curley’s married woman. Because of this. she goes looking for Curley ‘I’m lookin’ for Curley’ she uses this as an alibi to speak to the other workers because she is that desperate for company and person to speak to. Besides the fact that she does non hold a existent name and no one even bothers inquiring what her name is. she is merely referred to as ‘Curley’s wife’ shows that she is unimportant.

The manner that she dresses and the manner she presents herself is another illustration of how alone she is. In the book she is described as ‘full. rouged lips and wide-spaced eyes. to a great extent made up. Her fingernails were ruddy. Her hair hung in small involute bunchs. like sausages. She wore a cotton house frock and ruddy mules. on the insteps of which were small corsages of ruddy ostrich feathers’ Steinbeck has described her with a batch of the coloring material red. When people think of the coloring material red the feelings that they would normally tie in it with are anger. love. and danger. You could associate Curley’s married woman to Lennie catching the woman’s frock in the beginning because the women’s frock that he grabbed was coincidently the coloring material red every bit good. Besides the coloring material of the traffic visible radiations. ruddy means halt. She is described as to a great extent made up the manner she does her make-up. She may hold done her makeup the manner she has and have on a batch of ruddy because she is despairing for attending from the workers or her hubby. But when Lennie finds her ‘purty’ she takes an involvement in him because person has eventually shown some kind of involvement in her unlike the other work forces. She so attempts speaking to Lennie several times which shortly ended in calamity.

Crooks is the lone black adult male on the spread. this could associate with Curley’s married woman because she was the lone adult female on the spread. Like Candy and Curley’s married woman. Crooks suffers loneliness through favoritism because of his tegument coloring material. This makes him every bit lonely as Candy and Curley’s married woman. possibly even lonelier because of segregation. They believed that black and white people should be separated hence no 1 spoke to Crooks unless they had to. Steinbeck has written in a batch of item depicting Crook’s sleeping room. he may hold done this because a sleeping room can state a batch about person. for illustration ‘a tattered dictionary and a mauled transcript of the California civil codification for 1905. There were battered magazines and a few dirty books on a particular shelf over his bunk’ merely from reading that we have learnt that Crooks likes to read. Besides. adverting the lexicon could propose that Crooks is cagey and the California civil codification could propose that he knows what his rights as a black individual. We find out more about Crooks when Lennie goes to Crook’s room. ‘’Cause I’m black.

They play cards in at that place. but I can’t drama because I’m black. They say I stink. Well. I tell you. you all of you stink to me. ’’ This shows that he is being rejected from the other workers because of skin coloring material. non because he has done anything incorrect but merely because of his teguments colour. Because of the rejection which Crooks finds unjust. he acts the manner he does towards the white people. Like when Lennie walks into his sleeping room and the first thing he says to him is ‘’You got no right to come in my room. This here’s my room. Cipher got any right in here but me’’ and ‘’I ain’t wanted in the bunk house. and you ain’t wanted in my room. ’’ But Lennie. who is naif and unmindful to what is go oning around him. he doesn’t understand why Crooks is being acrimonious towards him and doesn’t want him in his room. Even though Crooks attempts to maintain up his choler at Lennie for coming into his room. he finally gives in because he realises he has company and that person really wants to speak to him for one time and lets him remain.

Crooks becomes fascinated with Lennie’s friendly relationship with George. something that nor he or any of the workers have. Fascinated. Crooks starts inquiry Lennie. ‘‘S’Pose George don’t come back no more. S’Pose he took a pulverization and merely ain’t coming back. What’ll you do so? ’’ In a manner. some readers may happen that Crooks is teasing him by stating this. because Crooks knows that Lennie has a mental disablement and can’t communicate good to others. But Crooks may be oppugning his and George’s friendly relationship because he is funny to cognize what it would experience to lose a friend because he doesn’t have friends himself. Another ground he may be inquiring about their friendly relationship is because he is covetous of what they have. Crooks may even be basking the fact that he is weaving him up to alleviate his hurting of being lonely. When Crooks hears of Candy’s dream of holding their ain land with George and Lennie he reacts to it ‘You guys is merely kiddin’ yourself. You’ll talk about it a snake pit of a batch. but you won’t acquire no land. You’ll be a swamper here till they take you out in a box. Hell. I seen excessively many cats.

Lennie here’ll quit an’ be on the route in two. three hebdomads. Seems like ever’ cat land in his head’ another illustration to demo of Crook’s resentment towards white people. he crushed their dream merely like that. Although the other workers are lonely excessively. they are non every bit lonely as Crooks is. Even though they travel for work and are normally on their ain they are non segregated from the other workers. they can speak to the others and play cards with them whereas Crooks can’t. Before we are introduced to Crooks. we learn that the other’s dainty him unjust ‘Sure. Ya see the stable buck’s a nigger’ and ‘yeah. Nice fella excessively. Get a crooked back where a Equus caballus kicked him. The foreman gives him hell when he’s made. ’ From reading this we immediately learn that Crooks is a black adult male who gets treated below the belt. and that the foreman takes his choler out on him because he can. Besides we learn that he has a crooked back. this may be the ground why he got his nick name ‘Crooks’ . Every individual has a name. so for them to nick name him Crooks shows how unjust he is treated for them non to even name him by his existent name.

Overall segregation has affected Crooks in a negative manner ; it has turned him into a sad alone adult male who finds comfort from reading his books. Although it may non look obvious. but Crooks had an American Dream like the remainder of the workers. his dream was simple ; to be recognised as a human individual. that his skin coloring material shouldn’t affair. When Steinbeck negotiations about Crooks. alternatively of naming him a ‘nigger’ like the remainder of the workers do. Steinbeck writes ‘a thin Black head’ by utilizing the word ‘negro’ Steinbeck is demoing how he feels towards racism. he is demoing regard to Crooks. Some readers may happen the book violative because Steinbeck uses the word ‘nigger’ when the characters are talking. In parts of America. instructors have refused to learn ‘Of Mice and Men’ because they find it that violative. But Steinbeck may non hold intended for his novel to pique readers. but to demo readers what racism was like in America. to demo reader’s what was incorrect in the universe at the clip.

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