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The quotation mark noted by Oscar Wilde. “The books that the universe calls immoral are the books that show the universe its ain shame” . demonstrates his belief on censors. who hold the power of taking classical literature from the high school course of study. One such novel. Steinbeck’s Of Mice and Men. is a instead controversial novel and have been often criticized. A tragic narrative about the ferociousness of solitariness and the significance of dreams. the novel fills the reader’s bosom with overpowering emotions. Although efforts have been made to curtail this piece of literature because of its violent secret plan and rough linguistic communication. one who understands it recognizes that these features are merely used to suit the clip period. which is during the Great Depression. Undeniably. Of Mice and Men. written by John Steinbeck. nowadayss literary virtue and should stay in the high school course of study.

True. the novel shows the mistreatment of minorities ; nevertheless. the characters that Steinbeck has created exhibit the value of friendly relationship. Particularly. the chief characters. George Milton and Lennie Small. demonstrate great attention for each other. For case. when George and the other workers have gone away to play horseshoe. Lennie visits Crooks in the barn. Crooks. a acrimonious but alone Afro-american. negotiations to Lennie about his life and feelings. As he observes Lennie’s trueness to George. Crooks develops feelings of green-eyed monster and starts to “suppose” many different possibilities about how George is ne’er traveling to come back. Since Lennie is simple-minded. he becomes defensive and gets angry at Crooks and says. ” ‘What you supposing’ for? Ain’t cipher goin’ to speak no injury to no George. ‘” Then Lennie becomes so aggressive that Crooks has to endorse down and seek to quiet him by stating him that George is alright. Even so. Lennie is still worried about George until he gets distracted by Crooks’ new narrative.

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The attention Lennie shows for George is non nonreversible ; George besides displays a great trade of concern for him. In this instance. George courageously gathers up his bravery and hit his best friend Lennie at the terminal of the novel. After killing Curley’s married woman on accident. Lennie hides in the shrubs and delaies for George to deliver him. George so arrives. and quiet Lennie down to assures him with their within-the-grasp end. which is about their dream land with the coneies. While Lennie is enjoying the dream. George. with great trouble. shoots him on the dorsum of the caput. and therefore salvaging Lennie from the anguish that is promised to come. Clearly. the attention that George and Lennie show each other helps the readers visualize true friendly relationship.

One can non name another a “friend” if that individual doesn’t show attention and concern for others. Aside from this. readers can besides recognize the many different signifiers of attention. Lennie worries about George’s safety even though he is non certain whether George is hurt or non. Likewise. George overcomes the fright of killing his best friend and therefore alleviating Lennie from the hereafter trial that awaits him. Truthfully. the sort of friendly relationship shows by the two friends is non something a individual sees everyday ; one can’t aid but to envy the two best friends. In short. the true significance of friendly relationship is shown repeatedly by the characters in the novel.

Without a uncertainty. Of Mice and Men illustrates the negativity of the universe ; yet. the characters create a microcosm of many state of affairss and different people. To be specific. the characters encounter legion different jobs that ordinary persons in the existent universe come across. When Candy’s Canis familiaris is killed. for illustration. he grieves over the decease of his ex-best friend. His Canis familiaris is changeable because Carlson. an insensitive worker on the spread who complains about the olfactory property of Candy’s Canis familiaris. pressures Candy into give him the permission to stop the dog’s life. Candy is loath since the Canis familiaris has been his comrade during most of his alone life. But after Slim. the leader of the group. agrees with Carlson. Candy eventually gives in to him. After Carlson shoots the Canis familiaris. Candy falls into a depression as he mourns for his cherished comrade and friend. Another illustration that shows the different sorts of jobs is the fact that Curley’s married woman attempts to acquire attending from the work forces on the spread.

Curley’s married woman. a reasonably but lonely adult female married to the choleric Curley. can non stand being all entirely with no 1 to speak to. Therefore. she is ever chat uping with the work forces on the spread by traveling over and inquiring where Curley is. even though she doesn’t attention. The workers all think she’s really attractive. but one can state that most of them think she will do problem based on Candy’s statement to George. “Purty… but… she’s got the eye… Curley’s married a prostitute. ” George. who is a instead cute character. besides agrees with Candy. Naturally. one must hold experienced the events mentioned supra. in one manner or another. Peoples make forfeits for something they truly love or believe in and hold to travel through the procedure of acquiring over it. Besides. attention-loving persons. like Curley’s married woman. look often in one’s life. If one is in a hard state of affairs. that sort of people tend to do affairs worse. regardless the outrageousness of the job. Indeed. the microcosm created by Steinbeck’s colourful characters contributes to the pragmatism of the novel.

Unquestionably. Of Mice and Men by Steinbeck nowadayss literary virtue and should be read by high school pupils. Even today. colourful characters like Lennie. George. and other ranch workers exist among people. In drumhead. the characters’ echt friendly relationship. like the unbroken bond between George and Lennie is one of the most of import subjects to the narrative. Besides. the character-developed microcosm is a method used by Steinbeck to make the different jobs people face. By all agencies. this invaluable work of literature is contributed by both of the factors and should surely stay in the high school course of study.

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