Of Mice and Men – Crooks Monologue

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Loneliness is a disease. It eats away at people slowly, gradually tearing them limb from limb. It is a virus that send some people insane, some turn senile, I am lonely no friends, no one to talk to either. Crazy old world these days isn’t it when even a black Negro cannot have his own privacy in his own room well that’s what I like to call it my room. Maybe it happened to be a good thing that day the fact my privacy was over ruled by a white, strong, tall disheartened lost and confused male or maybe it was just pure ignorance. Either way I got to talk to someone well when I say talk to I may as well have been talking to myself but nevermind he was human!!. His name was Lennie he was a crazy bastard always talking about George this great magnificent person who Lennie thought was God was going to let him tend the rabbits on the land they planned to buy when I say planned I mean dreamed. Everyone had this dream work a month or to get the money and buy land but that’s all it was a dream. George had got this idea into Lennies head and that’s all he would talk about until you started to talk about George.

This is when I realised that George was really special to Lennie even more special than them damn rabbits. I sat there trying to torment this vulnerable fellow just for my self enjoyment really and I hit a nerve when I said “what if George don’t come back” constantly and the white, strong, tall disheartened lost and confused male stood up and shook the dear life out of me. I backed up scared like the cold hearted black man that I am not. It was a moment of madness all my life being taunted by white people and now I thought I could get some revenge I would be the white guy and he the black but no it was a stupid thought. Lennie then backed up and was calm once again and he still was going on about how he was going to tend the rabbits” the more I thought about the idea the more stupid the idea seemed. Then once again my privacy would be ignored and George or “God” came in and looked dumbfounded and kind of embarrassed to see Lennie sitting in my “room”.

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Lennie filled with excitement and enjoyment and George said “what are you doing sitting in here” to which Lennie replied “i seen the light on”. I looked in amazement and it finally hit me Lennie does not no a thing about the issue of race. Then once again my privacy would be ignored when Candy came and he too was embarrassed to find Lennie sitting in my “room”. Something else hit me then that I was not meant to know about the land they dreamed of but the way George was talking about it and the more I thought about the land it could happen. This is when I thought to myself I could join this trio and I too could help farm and help out on this land and without thinking I said “could I come with you and live on this land”. I then thought you stupid fool you are black who would want a Negro this is my purpose to be alone in a dark, stinking and unhealthy stable it wasn’t a room just a whole on the side of a stable really.

Then to my amazement they said it would be ok to work on the land with them and for once in my life I felt accepted in society. As me and my future work pals were talking my privacy would be totally ignored as Curly’s bitch of a wife came in the room flaunting herself as usual and in her flirtatious voice she said ” has anyone seen my Curly?”. So far I have been able to control my anger until that bitch walked in. She’s the devil in disguise she flirts with you then tells her hero of a husband bout it and you get the rap. Well no more someone had to stand up to this so me thinking I would be a hero for a change a don’t no what I was thinking.

I stood up and blurted out “you have no right coming in here leave”. When I finished my sentence I realised what am I doing she could have me strung up and killed. So she started shouting at me saying things like “hey Niger I could get you strung up you are nothing etc.” but it felt good for a few seconds a I am human humans lose there cool. Soon enough she left and then Curly came asking the same questions as ever ” anyone seen my wife” same usual reply “no she maybe in the barn” the usual as you do try to get rid of him as quick as possible. Anyway back to Lennie I had never seen anyone like him before he was so strong he had the strength of 2 men at least even though wasn’t all there in the head I don’t think he knew his own strength and this strength would lead to his own fait.

The more I thought about the dream the more I wanted it. The dream would have happened and I repeat happened if Lennie didn’t kill that bitch even though she deserved it she ruined my dream, my hopes and now what am I going to do work in this stupid ranch with still no one to talk to but the horses how sad am I!!. That would probably be the best thing to ever happen to that women I mean she is married to Curly I would rather die than have to see or speak to him. As for the dream it is no more than a cloud of mist with George gone and Lennie dead why hold onto something that will never happen?. I will probably die here, what life have I had I have not had a life and probably will not for I am a lonely disheartened Niger and there is no place for a person like me.

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