Oil Seed Processing Plant Make Cooking Oil Safety

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In our everyday, we can not live with out the food, oil, water and so on, especially the cooking oil, it plays an important role in our life.

The oil seed processing plant makes our cooking oil more safety.Win Tone Oil Seed Processing Plant sell well and its good quality received a lot of users’ good reputations. The oil seed processing plant is also makes easy.If the oil seed processing plant have heat on oil, then the change of oil viscosity and oil binding. Steam heating effect of the process of speculation, make the billet in high temperature, and weaken the enhanced oil thermal motion of molecules and molecular cohesion, resulting in green oil viscosity and surface tension reduction, weakening the binding of grease and part of the green gel and enhance the mobility of the oil, oil get rid of protein hydrophobic adsorption force and to create the conditions to overcome the flow friction resistance. This change makes the oil seed processing plant easier to separate the oil from the oil when the oil is pressed.

Chemical changes of oil when oil mill machinery processes oil. In the temperature range used in the process of steaming and frying, it is impossible to make the oil produce profound chemical changes. But because oil is film shaped in the blank surface broad, steaming wok especially when heated contact with oxygen in the air will make the oil oxidation, resulting in oil peroxide value increased. In the oil seed processing plant’s cooking process may also produce oxygen acid, make oil acid value increase, also may be due to the binding reaction or some low molecular weight fatty acid is distilled, the oil acid value decreased production of fatty acids and other substances. Win Tone also provide the good after-sale for the foreign customers, and we can send our professional engineer to install the oil seed processing plant for you soonest.http://www.oil-processing.com
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