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Coconut Oil and Calamansi Peelings As Agent for Hair Oil

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  • Pages 2
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    The hair is something that shows the external appearance of the person.This is something very important to people.Without it,hey feel that they are ugly.In order to make thier hair so beautiful,they use commercial hair treatment.They also go to salon just to make some hairstyle in thier hair.People keep on putting or smearing an commercial hair treatment in thier hair especially to the girls.They just want to make them so beautiful.But,did you know that not all commercial hair treatment treats ou hair.One way of caring our hair is by using hair oil.

    In These research is about the possibility of oil extracted from calamansi peeling as preservative for hair oil. Hair oil is commonly used by people who have dry hair especially girls. Hair oil moisturizes the scalp, it provides hair into the sebacious glands and promotes hair growth.

    The calamasi peelings we need in these study if very abundant in our country,we can find it directly to ou kitchen.The calamansi peeling contains pectin.Pectin is a structural heteropolysaccharide contained in the primary cell walls of terrestrial plants.In are study we commonly use the pectin to preserve the fragrance of the coconut oil and which at the same time gives an additional fragrance to the oil.

    In these study we will determine the usefulless of the oil extracted from calamansi peelings as preservative for hair oil.I these study we will find the difference between the preservative hair oil and the commercial hai oil.WE can also determine the characteristics of this compared to commercial hair oil.Most especially we aims to compare the product to commercial preparations in terms of fragrance.

    The increasingly high prices of goods and cosmetics nowadays are the main problems of the people concerned. One of the greatly needed cosmetic is hair oil which is very important to those people who have dry hair. Since we are aiming to minimize our expenses, we can make use ofcalamansi peelings that are found in our kitchen. We can make use of the fragrant oil present in the calamansi peelings by extracting it. This research study is worth making. And it can contribute a lot to our community. It can give people hair oil that is affordable and it can help the country minimize the economic problems.

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    Coconut Oil and Calamansi Peelings As Agent for Hair Oil. (2016, Jun 28). Retrieved from

    Coconut Oil and Calamansi Peelings As Agent for Hair Oil

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