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Olympics – Important Event in Greece

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The Olympics were an important event honoring Zeus, the Greek god of all gods and goddesses in a religious festival and physical competition. The Olympics were only celebrated every four years, between the 4 years was a different event honoring a different god each year. The Olympics were so important that many religious practices were made during the festival.

In 776 B.C. the Olympics started in Olympia, the home of all gods and goddesses. Olympia is featured in the western Peloponnesus and Mount Olympus is the highest mountain in all of Mainland Greece.

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Olympics – Important Event in Greece
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The Olympics was featured in the late summer and was always in Olympia, because Zeus was the supreme ruler of Mount Olympus. The city-states picked the most physically fit to compete among men from other city-states. The winners of Olympics were given olive wreaths from the pentathlon. The pentathlon included 5 events, run, throw discus, jump, hurl javelin, and wrestle. In the Olympics there were no ball or water sports, or weight lifting.

There were no weight classes, or teams, because it didn’t matter if someone was bigger than another person, the competition was man against man. No medals were given either, because it was about their pride and loyalty to Zeus.

The Olympics was a religious festival honoring Zeus and a competition for men. Life revolved around religion and sports, but the Olympics were a way to celebrate both. Every four years the Olympics would take place. The Olympics was the biggest event of the year for the Greeks. During the competition Greeks would enjoy elite competition and appreciated the culture to honor Zeus. All Greek city-states competed against each other, it was very important to win for their city-state to show Zeus they honored him.

The Olympics was important to Greeks by the way they made sacrifices, important practices, how it made an Olympic winner a hero for its city-state, and how it affected war. When the Olympics were in session and a war was on session too, the.

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