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Many great leaders and very powerful men have tried in the past to bring the entire world under the control of one governing body. All of these attempts have been unsuccessful so far, but during our present time it is becoming more achievable. Organizations such as the Illuminati, Freemasons, Skull and Bones society have been in positions of power for hundreds of years, the process of globalism and international governing organizations are gaining power. In the present time period, opportunities for a one world government to come into power are now in place.

Using slow and progressive techniques a one word government could form without the people of the world even noticing until it was in place The Illuminati, a very secret organization of “freethinkers” was formed in 1776 in Germany. In 1785 the Bavarian (German) government tried to destroy the organization claiming they planned to overthrow monarchies of the world, but the organization had branched out over Europe and survived. Many conspiracy theorists believe that the Illuminati have been plotting a new world order since their conception and have been behind events including the American, French, and Russian revolutions.

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The Illuminati are also a very wealthy organization and it is believed that they could take over the world by method of financial control. The reported members of this organization have all been in a powerful position or have large financial backing, in modern times and the origins of the organization. Founding Fathers of the United States, including George Washington and Benjamin Franklin were believed to be members of the society known as the Freemasons. Some people known as “Anti-Masons” believe that the high ranking members of the Freemason society are conspiring to bring upon a New World Order.

The Freemason principles largely overlap with those of the Illuminati and it is thought that the Illuminati control the Freemasons. Some theories include the joining together of the Freemasons, Knights Templar, Jews and Illuminati to jointly control all world society. A developing “battle” between Freemasons and the Nation of Islam is ongoing today and there are theories that the world trade center attack in 2001 was part of the struggle. The Federal Emergency Management Association (FEMA) is thought by some to be a conspiracy to take over the United States when the Illuminati are establishing a new world order.

There are rumored federal documents that are said to include plans for rounding up the population, and formation of concentration camps. FEMA has the right to make the population live and work wherever they say; they have the power to control all aspects of life. Also, it is said that FEMA controls a number of detention centers in the United States and these could be used during the establishment of the new world order to hold people who begin uprising. With the modern militarization of America’s police forces, theorists say that it would be easier to take over the country because the population could be better controlled by the police.

Another possible way that a one world government could be established is by the control of resources. Water, petroleum products, and food drive our lives; by controlling one or even a large percentage of these a new world order could be established. Water is required by the human body for survival, without it the body cannot function, by controlling the world’s water supply it is possible to take over the population. In the United States, there are numerous ways the government controls the water supply including the clean water act and by the Environmental Protection Agency.

There are laws that state that if there is a shortage of water it goes to the places with the highest population. The world could easily be taken over by a government or organization contaminating a majority of the world’s water supply, and as people begin to die from the contamination, and lack of water, the remaining people will either have to follow the new power in place to get the water they need, or die. This same method could be used with slight changes to establish a one world government with a different resource such as energy or food. The world is shrinking”, as technology improves, economics advance and people become more dependent it is becoming where the population is controlled more and more by the Government. As communications are developing, and the methods of transportation and shipping become advanced it is becoming easier for companies to use job outsourcing, and multinational corporations are becoming leaders in world commerce. As nations such as China, Korea, and India become more accessible to the West, companies are starting to rely on these countries to produce the goods they need.

Underdeveloped or 3rd world countries as they are commonly known have very low standards of living, labor is much cheaper, and environmental restrictions and taxes are not existent. Because of this, it is much more cost effective for companies to produce goods offshore. As this process develops, we become dependent on the other countries for goods, and they begin becoming dependent on us to drive them financially. With this, a power struggle develops. Like the greed of the corporations, the governments of the countries are also greedy, and they can impose taxes and tariffs on these goods.

Also in depending on each other in this way, if one country has an economic or political downfall, the dependent countries would most likely follow suit, creating a domino effect of falling countries. If one organization or government could cause others to go against each other it could take over them while they were concerned with what was happening elsewhere. With the gradual formation of organizations such as the European Union (EU), people willingly join or become part of organizations that could take over their countries and possibly the world.

As the nations of Europe joined the European Union, they became more of a single body than the multiple separate countries they were before. The EU established the Euro as the dominant currency of the European Union, and now that has advanced to where it is becoming widely used outside of the member countries for trade and commerce. Some people saw this as an attempt by the governments of the member countries, the EU, or of another group attempting to establish a world currency.

By establishing a world currency, it would be easier to regulate trade and takeover business and governments because there would not have to be an exchange of currencies. Some opponents of the EU also say that it is useless for any governing and trade purposes as it was designed, but is being used to put people in power and control lives of the inhabitants of the member countries. Another way a one world government could come to power is through international governmental organizations. The International Monetary Fund (IMF) is one of these; The IMF is the central regulator of the world’s economic system.

It establishes exchange rates and gives loans to poor countries. Some claim that the IMF is controlled by the Illuminati and it is part of their plan to establish the new world order. It is possible for someone in a high position within the IMF or a group of people could cause a global economic crash. This could be done by making exchange rates so high as to make it where trade would not be possible, they could demand repayment of all loans they have given and this could cause a large number of countries to go bankrupt.

In addition to these ways if a government or economy is in trouble the IMF is able to give them assistance, and they could possibly seize this opportunity to take over the country. People have tried to put the IMF in positions where they would be able to dictate all economic policies of the world, but these failed. If successful this could have ended free trade, privatization, unions could be broken up and wage reductions. This would let them control the world, making them a One World government.

As the world advances, the possibility of a one world government also advances. With secret societies, improvements leading to reliance on other countries in the process known as regionalization, and International Governmental Organizations in powerful positions, the threat of a One World Government is looming. Every day it is becoming a greater possibility, it is unknown how to stop this from progressing. But what can be done is that people can elect the best leaders, and hope that these are only dreams and theories, not reality.

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