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The Motto of the World State: Brave New World

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  • Pages 6
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    The motto of the World State; ” Community. Identity. Stability. ” consider each word carefully. Discuss how each relevant to the readers understanding of Huxley dyspeptic vision of the future. The motto of the society Aloud Huxley created in Brave New World was “community, Identity, Stability. ” These words create and conditions new human life in a civilized society that presents a dyspepsia view of the future.

    Yet there was no sense of family community and no separator of unique Identities, and the so-called stability was based not on an achieved endeavor at peace but on the drug-induced, brainwashed Tate of the society genetically engineered Inhabitants, The word community is based on all the different castes of diverse people “working together” to become happier within each- other. Identity is based on how the people in this society are supposed to be with themselves. Lastly It’s through this that stability Is achieved.

    The word community In the World State motto is used ironically. This is due to the fact that the community is not achieved, the people in this society think it is but compared to our world now it really isn’t. In this society the community is prioritize ever the Individual. The community starts to speak about the concept that each of them has of happiness. It’s an artificial one. To implement the motto “Community in a sense of togetherness, the state provides them with the activity of Solidarity Service at the Fords Community Singers.

    During the service they will have Community sing which Is called the Hymn of Solidarity, “Ford, we are twelve; Oh, make us one, Like drops within the Social River; Oh. Make us now together run as swiftly as thy shining Flirter. ” They will build the togetherness while singing together as music can bring hem together. In addition, the state uses the lyrics like “Twelve-in one”, “For I am you and you are I” to destroy Individuality and emphasizing the Importance of being a community It’s also a kind of brainwashing in a sense of control to make them believe what they are taught by Ford. Each with hands on the hips of the dancer preceding, round and round, shouting in unison. ” They hold hands, the twelve will become one and the service ends with orgy-porgy which everyone Is together and will never be alone. And I think that the state successfully maintains the motto “Community. In addition, the state implements the motto “Identity’ by giving and creates them an Identity that won’t change as there Is no social mobility. People In the state are divided into different caste, Alphas, Betas, Gammas, Deltas and at last Epsilons.

    Epsilons do Epsilons job as the Alphas will not be willing to do the lower caste Jobs which will then results in civil wars and go against the stability. They are mass- produced by undergoing Bazookas process and work in an assembly line so as to malting high productivity. “Bazookas process Is the major Instrument of social stability”. Also. To prevent disruptions against the productivity, the foreordains are controlled to love their roles in the “inescapable social destiny’ by Hypermedia. ‘Off frightfully clever.

    I’m really awfully glad I’m Beta, because they are so frightfully clever. ” With the help of Hyphenated, the inferior ones won’t have the desire of moving up to be the superior ones as their Jobs are too tiring for them and the superior ones won’t move down as they are too stupid. “Hypermedia is the most normalizing and socializing force of all time”. Everyone will then stick to their own Job and identity. Lenin is well-conditioned and can show the successfulness of the system above. “What a hideous color khaki is”, “l am glad that I am not an Epsilon”.

    There are also two protagonists and struggle for their identity, Bernard and Hellholes. They both are unsure about their identity and hopes to do something more than others won’t do. But with their limited knowledge, they are not able to do anything against the state. Therefore, in my own opinion the way that they maintain the motto “Identity’ is success. At least, they won’t debate with Mustache Mood like John who has his own thinking did. They work, fillies and consume Just as the state taught them to. Lastly, it is the motto of “Stability’ which I think the state most focus on.

    People are conditioned with emotions written off, they will never be alone and will never have a chance to think. As when one’s alone he will start thinking of negative things like death and have negative emotions which go against stability. To prevent them of having negative emotions, love is abolished. Sex is the everyday life of the foreordains. “Sex is fun! “, they started sex with erotic play when they are still a child. One should make the effort, one should pay the game, and after all, everyone belongs to everyone else. Without monogamy and viviparous, there will be no family, no friends, no romantic love and in brief, no emotions. In our present world, mothers often give their personal value and principals to their child, their carrier will be a result of their upbringing. In BAN, the state is the one to bring up the child and give them an identical role with their future written off. Therefore, emotions caused by families’ problem are also written off as emotions go directly against the stability of he world state, their working incentive may be weaker if they are affected by the emotions, which results in low productivity.

    Apart from that, negative emotions are also abolished by keeping them busy, “It’s light, and it’s childishly simple. No strain on the mind or muscles. Seven and a half hours of mild, unexacting labor and then the soma ration and game and unrestricted computation and the fillies, what more can they ask for? ” Also with the help of soma, it keeps them away from negative emotions. “There’s always soma to calm your anger to reconcile you to your enemies, to make you patient and long suffering”. Soma is a happy drug sponsored by the state.

    Soma solved the problem of aging and keeps the physical character of youth. “A grammar in times saves nine. ” It serves you with synthetic happiness and keeps you away from thinking as they are not allowed to have “leisure for pleasure”. Soma keeps them content and satisfied so they will not know what’s missing and live happily and obediently in the “inescapable social destiny. ” Another form of maintaining social stability is through fillies which are like movies that you can feel, hear, watch, smell, etc. Fillies exist simply to sooth and titillate the senses, while paving the mind untouched.

    The story is pornographic, but conservative, containing nothing at all to introduce doubts into a viewer’s sense of social order and helps maintain stability. With the above systems which I think is flawless and almost now. People are happy; they get what they want, and they never want what they can’t get. They’re well off; they’re safe; they’re never ill; they’re not afraid of death; they’re blissfully ignorant of passion and old age; they’re plagued with no mothers or fathers; they’ve got no wives, or children, or lovers to feel strongly about; they’re so intentioned that they practically can’t help behaving as they ought to behave. And if anything should go wrong, there’s soma. ” From the previous line that Mustache Mood, the world controller said, we can see that emotions and love are successfully forbidden and they keep the world stable very successfully. To conclude, the state successfully maintains and implements the world motto “Community, Identity, Stability’. We can see that from the ending of the story. John blames himself of bringing his mother, Linda back to the state which caused her death, he whipped himself continuously and at last dead. Bernard and Hellholes are sent to the Iceland.

    Citizens even put John’s story as a fillies and don’t even understand what freedom is. We can see that the system of conditioning and controlling is so strong and successful that it will not be affected by the outcasts who disagree with it. It’s interesting to note that though the novel is supposed to take six hundred years in the future, Brave New World is actually predictive of many phenomena that have taken place in today’s society, including “test tube babies” and cloning. However, the world that Huxley describes is far more daunting than the condition of the modern human race.

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