Natural World vs. Unnatural World

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This book represents how often, the technological world overpowers the trial world. Technology is a prominent part Of today’s world. Practically everything we do requires or involves technology in some way. In the book, Mildred is completely consumed by technology, completely letting her grasp of the natural world go. She is constantly taking pills, watching TV, listening to the or radio, and barely going out of the house. From her sleep to her driving habits, it shows the lack of caring about nature from not only her but many other characters in the book.

Although technology is not necessarily a bad thing, Bradbury displays it as meeting that should be feared. This is shown throughout the book when he adds new components to the book, such as the fire house “hound” that seems to resemble something more of a spider or a snake, representing something natural and pure being distorted into something unnatural and completely opposite of the original. He has a way of showing the things that were once natural and good to be turned into something that we should be scared of, simply because technology caught up to it and is somehow trying to improve it.

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At one point, after Mildred overdoses on the sleeping pills that she had been constantly taking, and the medics come to save her and hook up a machine to her to flush out the pills, Bradbury makes a comment saying “Did it drink of the darkness, did it suck out all the poisons accumulated over the years? ” This suggests that she had been poisoned by the technology that she had been regularly surrounding herself with. Over time, Montage had grown more conscious of the expanding situation that was gripping everyone around him.

That is why he became more and more curious about the books that he was supposed to be burning. It is only natural to wonder what people are telling you that you can’t know, but when you are blinded by the fake things that they shove in front of you, it becomes a whole different kind of unknowing. In the book, the characters were told that they knew all they needed to, and that books would compromise their perfect States Of mind and fill their heads with garbage. But the maniacal thing is that is exactly what happens all too often in today’s society. Like Montage and Claries, many of the characters in Fahrenheit 451, such as Captain Beauty and Mildred, are completely blinded by the government’s rules and distractions. It is sad to think that it is that easy to divert people from the truth. The book Fahrenheit 451 shows an accurate depiction of what is currently and has been happening throughout history. Technology is slowly consuming the minds of everyone.

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