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Online Education is as Good as Classroom Learning

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  • Pages 2
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    If you want to teach people a new way of thinking don’t bother trying to teach them. Instead, give them a tool the use of which will lead to new way of thinking.

    Today’s education has gained much more importance in one’s life. Not only importance but it had also became a basic need for all humans. All of us have right to educate and leave our lives in a better way. Education is one of the pathway which differentiates a literate and illiterate. Today’s education is not only important for getting livelihood but it is also important for getting an respectful position in society.

    In early days their were various through which they would get education by oral & written. There was only books to study as well as to solve doubts. Class room learning was more convinent for students. But in Today’s world online education has become one of the convinent way to study anywhere and anytime. One can see it again and again with out any complications. Now a days it is not possible for all students to get class room learning education, So the only alternative left for them is online education. Many students have doubts about the topic even after attending the class room education, so the best way for clearing doubts is online education. There are many educational apps are available on different websites are also known as e-learning applications, which are beneficial for students living in rural areas, also those students which do not have sufficient materials to study or time to attend classes. Through e learning app students can get live lectures from expert lectures and can understand the topics in their own way.

    Through online education many students who have will to crack examination. Online education also provide student with the chance to network with peer across nation or even different continent. Students can get education according to their time and convinence, online classes provide expertise knowledge to students.

    Today various colleges, institute, classes etc charges higher fees for serving education. Online education can be a better alternative because it is cheaper and can be easily available to all. Surveys shows that around 3 million of student are currently enrolled in online program and 6 million students are taking at least one online course as part of their degree. It’s a platform where student can easily interact with professionals by attending their live lectures and can clear their doubts easily. The future of online degree education looks promising and opens up education to large section of population then even before.

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