Our Identity Of Newness

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America is a country filled with innovation.

The United States has experienced a significant increase in immigrants from diverse backgrounds, including different races, ages, and nationalities. These individuals have brought with them their own distinct beliefs and values, resulting in the emergence of a unique kind of citizen who possesses fresh aspirations and unwavering determination to achieve their goals. However, what sets America apart is not just its ability to incorporate cultures and beliefs from various parts of the world – as this phenomenon occurs elsewhere too. The true distinguishing factor lies in how Americans use the valuable gift of diversity they have received. It is through harnessing this diversity that America truly embodies the concept of innovation.

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Michel Guillaume De Crevecoeur argued that the inhabitants of this land were distinct from any other, asserting that “The American is a new man, who acts upon new principles; he must therefore entertain new ideas, and form new opinions.” This uniqueness of Americans ultimately resulted in the creation of the United States Constitution, which is widely regarded as the most significant document globally. Unlike any other text, it commences with the words “We the people” and is grounded on values like individual liberty pertaining to religion, speech, and press. Additionally, it was devised by and for the populace.

A government based on revolutionary principles emerged and was largely non-existent in many regions worldwide. This government is not driven by fear, control, or power but represents a new concept that the world eagerly needed and wholeheartedly embraced. Now, everyone has the chance to engage with it.

The individuals elected their leaders and determined their own destiny. It became a hub for innovating new concepts and creations, thriving in the prosperity brought about by the ratification of this fresh constitution. People no longer feared unveiling their novel findings to the global community. Numerous groundbreaking progress in healthcare, education, and technology emerged from America.

We desired swifter and more effective transportation than the horse-drawn carriage offered, leading to the creation of the automobile. For centuries, humans fantasized about soaring through the sky, and we actualized this dream with the invention of the airplane. The Moon was once seen as an unattainable destination, but we shattered this perception and successfully journeyed there. Now, our aspirations extend even further towards more distant realms.

Communication evolved into a global phenomenon with the introduction of the telephone, followed by email and the cell phone. Despite facing numerous hurdles, our desire to surpass familiar boundaries and venture into uncharted territories has served as our catalyst for innovation. This motivation has driven us to develop something novel and superior to past accomplishments. Our country, originating from the ancient world, has become influential and infectious to the entire globe.

America’s expanding influence has resulted in the international importation of its culture. The enduring political system, which has stood for over two centuries, has influenced numerous individuals from other nations. Immigrants coming to America have not only embraced its ideals, but they have also used them to reform their own governments. Following their involvement in the American Revolution, France, for instance, initiated its own revolution to dismantle the “old” ways of governing.

Many democratic nations today are attempting to imitate America’s achievements, as many followed suit. Regardless of whether times are prosperous or challenging, this country perseveres in its growth and self-improvement. This can be attributed to its people and their insatiable spirit, which has allowed us to maintain our image of innovation and establish ourselves as the most influential nation to ever exist on earth.

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