Our Identity Of Newness

America is a place imbedded with newness.

Millions of every race, age, and nationality with wide ranges of precious beliefs have come to this nation to mingle together and create a new kind of person with new hopes, dreams, aspirations and a willingness to reach their goals. But it’s not just the melting of culture and beliefs from around the world that make this such a unique and new place, because we can see this happen in other parts of the world. It’s what Americans do with the gift of diversity that has been given to them. This is what makes America emulate the image of newness.

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Michel Guillaume De Crevecoeur said of those that inhabited this land “The American is a new man, who acts upon new principles; he must therefore entertain new ideas, and form new opinions. ” This newness that Americans achieved would create the single most important document this world has ever seen. This would be the United State Constitution. A document unlike any other, beginning with the words “We the people ” and built upon the principles of individual freedom of religion, speech, press, and created by the people and for the people.

A government was formed around these new principles that was almost nonexistent in most of the world.This is not a government of terror or control or power. This is a new, fresh idea that the world needed badly and took full advantage of it. Everyone now has the opportunity to participate.

The people chose who their leaders would be and decided their own future. This was now a place to pioneer new ideas and inventions that flourished in the richness that was created with the signing of this new constitution. People weren’t afraid anymore to make their new discoveries known to the world. Most of the greatest advances this world has seen in medical care, education, and technology were founded in America.

We wanted faster and more efficient travel than the horse drawn carriage could provide so we created the automobile. Man for thousands of years dreamed of flying amongst the clouds and we made it a reality with the airplane. The Moon was a distance place which was thought of to be impossible to set foot on. We broke this belief and traveled to the Moon and now look even farther to even more distance places.

Communication became global with the advent of the telephone and later e-mail and the cell phone. The odds where against us so many times, but wanting to push past the known to the unknown became our symbol of newness.This is what inspired us to create, to make something new and better than before. This nation, born of the old world, would become contagious to the rest of the world.

As America has grown, her culture has become increasingly international as countries around the world import it. It’s political system that has endured for over 200 years has been felt among many people of other nation. Not only where they immigrating to America they were in fact redesigning their own governments with the same ideas and newness that America has.France began their own revolution to reform the “old” way of their government soon after participating in the American Revolution.

Many followed suit and we see today every democratic nation trying to emulate what America had achieved. But even in the prosperous times and the struggling times this country continues to grow and strengthen itself. It’s because of its people and their unquenchable spirit that we continue to have our image of newness and to make this the most influential nation every to exist on earth.

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