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Outline for Presentation

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Pastries should consider for expansion, management wants you to develop a 5- minute presentation recommending that country. When preparing your presentation, consider some of these topics (two or three at most-?definitely not all): political climate/stability, geography and transportation, culture (including diet), economic situation, or other factors. The Outline + Annotated PAP Bibliography Follow the guidelines in Chapter 12; however, I will provide you with the outline structure to use since the sample outlines in the text do not fit this assignment.

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Outline for Presentation
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Since the strategic management team invited the staff to present recommendations, the team expects and will be receptive to your presentation. Therefore, you can take the direct approach. Given that the presentation is only five minutes, you’ll need to follow this sequence: (1) state your recommendation directly; (2) preview the reasons for your recommendation; (3) present each reason and provide support (e. G. , facts, illustrations, authoritative quotes); (4) address any concerns; and (5) end by restating he key points and motivating the committee to consider your recommendation.

See the separately attached file: Country Presentation Outline. ) Since you have already completed your CAR, you will have most of the information you need. But remember that, although the audience is the same for this presentation as it was for the CAR, your purpose is now different-?you want to convince management that the country you have chosen is the most viable option for expansion. You will probably have to do a bit more research to expand upon the information you gathered for the CAR, but oh should also be using information and sources from your CAR.

The annotated PAP bibliography will also be based upon the one you created for the CAR. Again, will probably have to research to find others. The Presentation You’ll have 5 to 6 minutes to present. Your presentation must include Powering slides. Your presentation should demonstrate your ability to: Present your country recommendation following the Country Presentation Outline. Provide a realistic recommendation based on evidence (facts, illustrations, authoritative quotations) and address any concerns you anticipate the management team might have.

Present to the target audience (the strategic management team, not your fellow classmates! ) Demonstrate your understanding of Chapter g’s persuasive concepts (except that you will use the outline I provided rather than the AID approach, although some AID aspects can certainly be included). Use uncluttered visuals that illustrate and reinforce the concepts you’re presenting rather than repeat them-?think tables, graphs, models, flow charts, examples, and the like. Use relevant, clear, concise, correct, and when necessary appropriately credited visuals.

Speak fluently (minimal filler words, e. G. , ah, um, k, you know); project your voice; use vocal inflection that demonstrates interest, emphasizes key points, and differentiates one idea from another. Use gestures and bodily actions that naturally reinforce and illustrate what you are saying and project confidence (review the information included under the Presentations 101 tab to the left, as well as the information included in your textbook). Establish direct eye contact with the audience throughout the presentation (minimally glancing at notes or visuals).

Position yourself so that your camera is at eye level. Look directly at the camera lens as though you are looking directly into the eyes of your audience. Dress professionally-?formal business attire. In addition, Save your file as a Word file, and name it Harassment. COP (e. G. , Sacks. COP), then submit it to your editing group’s File Exchange. Once you have gone through the peer review process explained in your editing roof, make the appropriate changes, and then save your new file as Harassment.

COP. Final (e. G. , Sacks. COP. Final). Upload both your original and revised copy to Blackboard, along with your WAC. Grading: Refer to the syllabus grading criteria as well as the rubric provided. Only the revised submission of your outline will receive a grade; however, your original version will be peer-reviewed and must be submitted. I will deduct 10 points if no original file is submitted along with the revised one. Remember to submit your WAC as well or you will lose 5 points.

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