Overview: Professional Development Plan: Improving the Nursing Work Environment

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This course focuses on using quality improvement processes and management tools to improve client care outcomes by improving nurses’ working environments. The course aims to help students create a professional development plan using management graphic organizers or tools. The objectives include understanding organizational functions, comparing leadership and management characteristics, applying trends, evaluating communication patterns, and using evidence-based guidelines for management decisions. The rubric requires students to advocate for patients’ wishes, provide a therapeutic environment, demonstrate commitment, and provide holistic care. The student’s personal experience, family members, friends, peers, and mentors inspire their nursing philosophy, which includes caring for patients’ minds and bodies and advocating for their needs. Assessment tools are used to formulate measurable goals and specific strategies for achieving them. Lastly, the student explains how their goals align with their values and are consistent with each other.

Table of Content

This course is designed to assist individuals in utilizing quality improvement processes and management tools to enhance client care outcomes. This can be accomplished by improving the working environment for nurses through effective decision-making. In order to apply these processes and tools to your own development, you will create a professional development plan. This plan will begin by utilizing management graphic organizers or tools.

Then, you will utilize these tools as the foundation of your plan.

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  • Explain how organizations function.
  • Compare and contrast characteristics of leadership and management.
  • Apply trends, issues, theories, and evidence as guidelines for management decisions.
  • Evaluate effectiveness of communication patterns using specific management situations.
  • Rubric Use this rubric to guide your work on the Week 5 Professional Development Plan.

Advocate for the patient’s wishes and provide a calm and therapeutic environment to promote healing. Show commitment to holistic care for each patient. I have had personal experiences in the hospital and witnessed firsthand the significant impact a good nurse can have on a patient. My cousin and sister are also exceptional nurses, and I have friends in nursing who inspire me. I want my peers to understand the importance of health. Additionally, I have a mentor who continuously motivates and challenges me.

Balancing Personal Professional Life

In my personal life, I have gone through a transformation from being a nurse to becoming a wife and mother. Additionally, I have come to understand the importance of establishing boundaries between work and home life. Concerning my professional aspirations, my objective is to obtain an MSN Leader degree and assume the role of a nursing clinical instructor. Moreover, I strive to encourage teamwork and collaboration among the nurses with whom I engage on a daily basis.

Record your statements of philosophy of Nursing and of personal philosophy. Explain how these are reflected in the values, vision, and personal interests that you recorded in your “My Vision and Interests” tool. According to Nursing Spirit Journal (2013), the overall philosophy is to provide a caring and safe environment that promotes the well-being and health of all patients. In my personal opinion, the philosophy of nursing goes beyond this and encompasses the holistic aspect of nursing. It entails providing care for both the mind and body of our patients and advocating for them. Additionally, utilize assessment tools to set goals.

Clearly utilize information from the Assessment Tools as the foundation for creating your goals. Generate a prioritized list of goals based on your assessments. Goals must be articulated in measurable terms, meaning how can you determine if you have achieved that goal? Identify deadlines for accomplishing each goal. Provide specific strategies for achieving your goals. Give concrete examples, including resources and significant intermediate steps. Justify the priority of your goals by aligning them with your values. Clarify how your goals are consistent with one another and with your values.

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