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A Professional Development Plan (PDP) is a Mind Tool that helps us reflect on our lives; systematically create long-term goals and steps that should be taken to achieve those goals. The well-structured, supported and continuous process helps me contemplate what the word ‘satisfaction’ means to me: what I should do to feel fulfilled, echo on my learning and performance process and plan for my personal and strategic career development goals (“MindTools, 2018”).While developing a PDP it is important to understand oneself and define personal career goals. In this piece of work, I seek to define my goals, personal motives driving me toward achieving these goals, relevant tools, strategies and technology in aid of fulfilling the objectives. In addition to this, I will use my SWOT analysis, the PLN and ‘The New Drivers of Leadership’ Self-Assessment results as guides to ascertain alignment and the set-time frame for completion of my goals.

Goal 1: To learn business concepts so that I can be successful in my business

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Among my core personal experiences is the desire and motivation to complete my DBA program and successfully accomplish my career goals. I desire to be a successful office construction administrator and for this reason, I ought to learn business concepts in my area of specialty. I anticipate making use of the rich personal learning network (PLN) in various internet platforms to learn various business concepts. The use of the PLN is my primary motivation and driving force towards accomplishing this goal. I will feed relevant personal and educational information, skills, strengths and my personal professional profile with my experience in my PLN. Among the technological tools and networks that I will use to create a PLN that promote completion of the goal, suits and relates to my personal values, include: Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn. These networks may enhance my knowledge regarding my career and allow me to connect with people specializing in my career. In doing so, we will exchange knowledge, business concepts or even help me secure a career or an opportunity in the future.

The different steps that I will use in creating various networks such as Twitter are as discussed. I will make use of my Twitter account to follow people such as Vicki Speed, the founder of the White Construction Company, the largest construction company owned by a Black-American. This will enable me to navigate through the tweets to seek relevant information and inquire using prompt messages to people specialized in my field of study, a move that will help advance my current knowledge. Facebook is another tool that proves important in achieving this goal. First, I will add Construction Reporter group, Heavy construction Association in my page as they provide information pertaining construction industry, new regulations, and services on physical planning in the State. I believe that by taking these steps, I will create some contact with professionals and gain pertinent info from them. Last, I will make use of LinkedIn to connect with NIOSH Construction, a group of professionals that educate people on career health and safety. This will give me an opportunity to interact, brainstorm on news and insights related to construction safety enabling me to learn business concepts and career growth.

In order to accomplish this goal with ease and within the scheduled timeline, I ought to reflect various steps, tools, and networks on consideration of my personal strengths and weaknesses. High energy, focus, dealing with dynamic changes and effective time management are my main strengths. The different aspects will not only motivate me but will also give me the desire to remain functional and complete the goal (Bartley, 2013). Nevertheless, the feeling that what I have accomplished is inadequate and failure is the different weaknesses that challenge me. At times, I feel like giving up everything but an inner voice tells me I can do it. I plan to accomplish this goal within the next one year.

Goal 2: Advance my career opportunities with both my current and future employers

One of my core objectives is to make use of learned knowledge and experience in quest of advancing my career opportunities with my potential employers. The fact that I started from the bottom and hope that I will make it to the top, positive attitude and tendency to remain focused motivates me towards achieving this goal. Personally, I desire to make use of learned knowledge to be a successful businessperson and set lucrative business opportunities regardless of where I am located. The various steps, tools, and strategies that I intend to use to accomplish this goal include connecting with college colleagues who majored in my specialty and searching experienced constructors via social networks.

For example, Vicki Speed is a professionally experienced constructor in Michigan. I thought she might be of help connecting with potential employers in the future. I realized that she has been in the construction industry for more than six years and if I could utilize her posts from her LinkedIn account, this would help me improve my knowledge and make use of her many connections to find future employers. The Heavy Construction Association is another resourceful group where I intend to market my business since reliable clients frequently visit the group. John Walker, a specialist in construction office administrator I found through my friend has an experience of more than 10 years. I believed apart from seeking advice from him, he would refer me to some of his clients.

In light of personal strengths and weaknesses pertinent to the goal, I believe the ability to deal with change and personal dedication is the driving force towards the realization of this goal. I am dedicated to devote my time to learn about new career opportunities with my employers. I believe I possess the required faith to do what is expected of me in order to be successful and that planning has an impact on personal and social development (Kim, Heo, Lee, Suh, and Hyangmi, 2014). I plan to accomplish this goal prior to the completion of my doctoral program.

Goal 3: To become a scholar

I may say that whatever I have achieved so far in my life has substantially contributed to my yearning and decision to advance educationally. The fact that I will be among the eight that will eventually graduate from college has played an integral role in making me go past the set DBA requirements and empowered me to remain focused all through.  When I reflect on my life, I can tell that it is difficult to be overwhelmed by challenges. I have had a tough life when I was raised and made it this far. The fact that I started from a low-background family and I am currently pursuing a Doctorate program is enough motivation to become a scholar.

The following are the different steps, strategies, and resources that I intend to use to become a scholar. I plan to complete my Doctorate program, graduate and apply the learned knowledge to set better opportunities for myself. Undertaking a DBA program at Walden University is an excellent opportunity to become a scholar and comprehend the various business concepts applied in different parts of the world.  Having completed the Master’s degree in Political Science through online classes, I have learned to manage time and deal with the transient challenges arising from online learning. The different social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn prove to be vital resources in enhancing knowledge and connecting with people in the construction industry.

Concerning personal strengths, weakness, and ‘The New Drivers of Leadership’ on the realization of this goal, I am determined to remain focus and not to allow anything or anyone from detouring me from achieving this goal. I will remain committed to making it a reality.  I intend to achieve this goal in the next three years after I graduate with my PhD.


PDP enables one to reflect on his/her own life, creating long-term goals and steps that ought to be undertaken to realize those goals. In the paper, I have defined my goals, used the PLN, SWOT analysis and ‘The New Drivers of Leadership’ Self-Assessment results to guide me when developing the plan. My goals included, ability to learn business concepts so that I may be successful in my business, advancing my career opportunities to current and future employers and becoming a scholar. Different technological tools such as social networks; Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn were used to enhance knowledge and improve connectivity.

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