“Patriotic Act” and Saudi Arabia

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I speak Spanish fluently, but I usually just speak the language with my parents and family. I have taken writing 39A/B, and my experience in these classes was great. I learned many new techniques and was able to gain a better understanding of how to rhetorically analyze and how to critically read. Throughout my writing experiences, my writing style adjusted and changed over time to meet the particular genre I was writing in. I used appropriate language and diction that was academic and formal that corresponded to my audience. I established credibility with the utilization of sources and proper use of in-text citations.

The particular challenges I encounter as a writer in the previous courses I have taken was the writing process. I tend to overthink and doubt myself and sometimes procrastinate. But in the end, I realized that I am capable of applying all the writing skills I developed through my writing experiences. I simply go to have more confidence.

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I hope this course will teach me how to become better at supporting my arguments with credible sources and learn more rhetorical, research, and argumentative strategies. In the end, as a writer as want to become a better communicator and be able to convey my message succinctly. My goal for this class is to learn how to structure my writing and think about the genre conventions and rhetorical situations in order to achieve the purpose and convey a certain message. I intend to meet my goals by asking more questions, getting constructive feedback, researching and finding credible sources, and by analyzing other writings.

I think people should be able to express their ideas and opinions but to some limitations, such as causing harm to others. In a recent news article, I read, involving a Netflix episode of the show “Patriot Act,” which they made unavailable in Saudi Arabia. Due to the allegations, the Saudi regime claimed, stating that the show desecrated one of their cybercrime laws. The segment consisted of the murder of Jamal Khashoggi and Saudi’s bombing efforts in Yemen.

My position on this issue is that it wrong that censorship of movies or any form of entertainment is allowed. It was no surprise that Netflix made it unavailable since Saudi Arabia has consistently have silenced and policed speech. Some forms of speech have been criminalized by some countries and only give access to the people what they want them to see.

I do think free speech rights should be absolute because it should be a basic fundamental right but not everyone has that privilege. Unfortunately, many countries do not give people those rights. I would define speech as expressing your ideas and opinions through different mediums. Yes, I would say pictures, videos, money are forms of speech because they do convey a message. I do believe such organizations should have rights to free speech but as long as they do not cause harm to others. Not all types of speech should be protected under the First Amendment.

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