Perseverance in NBA Essay

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Struggles and tough times happens in everybody’s life in this world.No matter who you are and how much money you have, problems and difficult times will occur. The are plenty of people in this world who made it through struggles and tough times.Guy Montag he was the one to understand the society has prevented comprehension through government control so he calls on professor faber for help then faber reads & discusses the book of job from the bible. They take the fight to the government.

Kevin Gates his massage was out to the world for people to learn about his life style but the problem is that he does not have a record label so he keep making music so he can get a record label then he got famous for his popular hit studio album islah.

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Colin kaepernick he wanted to bring awareness about police brutality and miss treatment of black people, people of color, and military veterans by kneeling during the national anthem. But he got criticized by people and black balled by the NFL so he had done he had sued the NFL so what he trying to do is get back in the NFL.

NBA Youngboy all the pain he has been though he puts it in his music and he tells the world about he wants the world to that he not a bad person and that he does what right and that he help out the people that on the street but he has been to jail more than one time but he trying to turn his life around and he tells his life style and how he loves his children and what he has been going through Then he tells people how been through his music and how life has been but its has been a struggle and he has been in a lot of pain and that he has been put on house arrest but he is still allowed to make music for the people but people go through the struggle it and it put them though a lot of pain NBA Youngboy is trying to be the best rapper he can be bad he try to make sure that he do not go to jail no more because he trying to make sure he stay out of jail and that he is putting more songs for the people so we all can her what is going on in his life and that so he can stay out of trouble. Him and the rapper kevin gates made album and there album explain there life style and what they go though and that they explain about them going to jail at the same they been going though the same thing and once they get out of jail then they will have to go back in to do more time in jail

Once NBA youngboy went to jail more then one time it was harder for them to

Get out of jail that why you would always nver do the wrong thing because

Because it can get you in trouble and it is a risk of you going to jail and you

Doing big time in jail but that apart of a struggles in life that why you should

Never do the wrong thing life be stuff can happen to you in life but the stuggle if hard in life for the hole people in life and if hard for those people that is going though it

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