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Introduction Allen Iverson is a basketball player that plays in the NBA for the Detroit Pistons. Allen Iverson also played for the Philadelphia 76ers and the Denver Nuggets earlier in his career. He is only six feet tall and weighs approximately 165 pounds soaking wet and yet Iverson is one of the most prolific scorers ever to play the game. Throughout the course of my report I will talk about Iverson’s childhood, accomplishments, community service, goals, and his achievements. Early Years Allen Iverson was born into extreme poverty in Hampton, Virginia.

His 15 year old mother (Ann Iverson) and his aging grandmother would have to raise Allen in one of the toughest neighborhoods in Virginia. Allen’s father (Allen Broughton) never played a role in Allen Iverson’s life being in and out of prisons before Allen was born. The steadiest influence in the Iverson family was Allen Iverson’s maternal grandmother and she passed away shortly after Allen was born. As a kid, Allen had to grow up in a hurry, he was the man of the house by age 3. Allen was always moving from apartment complexes to apartment complexes and his mom was working two jobs trying to make ends meet.

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Allen Iverson also had two younger sisters that he had to look out for. Sometimes the Iverson family would do without their electricity and water because of their struggle to maintain a living. Allen Iverson always knew that one day he was going to lift his family from poverty but did not know whether he was going to be a basketball player or football player. In high school Allen lead Bethel High to championships in both football and basketball as a junior. He had every major college looking at him. But then as a senior one night him and his friends, all African-American went bowling.

After they bowled a few games they went to the snack bar as they were walking there, they passed a white group and words were exchanged. A brawl started and Allen said he left immediately but the whites had a different story. Allen Iverson was charged as an adult when he was only seventeen and was sentenced 3 to 15 years in prison. Locals including Allen’s principal, mother, and others that did not know Allen flooded Governor Wilder’s office with phone calls and letters for Allen’s innocence. Four months later Allen was released due to his sentence becoming shortened. Accomplishments

Allen Iverson had many accomplishments: 4 time scoring champion, Rookie of the Year in 1997, NBA All-Star Rookie Challenge MVP in 1997, scored 40 points in 5 straight games to set an NBA rookie record, 7 time All-NBA, 10 time NBA All-Star, 2 time NBA All-Star Game MVP, 3 time NBA steals leader, one of only three players in NBA History to rank among the top five in points, steals, and assist per game average in 2005, set the Sixers all-time rookie record with 1,787 points, 10th fastest player to reach 14,000 points, 2nd below Michael Jordan in career playoff scoring with 30. points per game, and a NBA MVP in 2001. Goals Allen Iverson had this goal that he would not be denied by any means. He was going to rise his family from poverty at all costs. Allen’s goal was to make it to the NBA and support his family back home in Hampton, Virginia. I think Allen Iverson was very successful at reaching his goals because he did make it to the NBA and he is supporting his family. No more struggle for the Iverson family with Allen Iverson’s career income greater than $132 million. Achievements

The fact that Allen Iverson came from a single mother and struggled through his whole childhood, growing up in a bad neighborhood pushed him harder and harder to make his dream come true. Allen’s mom pushed Allen harder than he pushed himself and look where it got him. At one time when Allen was 13, he refused to go to basketball practice and his mom said, “your coach is on his way to pick you up and your going to practice. ” Allen cried the whole way out the door. 4 Community Service Allen Iverson is part of the NBA Cares.

The NBA Cares is an organization for players and coaches in the NBA to help cities and the needy. Allen Iverson helped rebuild parts of New Orleans, LA after Hurricane Katrina came through and wrecked it. Iverson has also participated in the RipCity Foundation to help people near teammate Richard Hamilton’s hometown in Pennsylvania. Allen Iverson has went to children’s hospitals where he spoke to children with serious diseases about belief and courage. A kid was sent to Detroit from India with a life threatening disease. The kid was with the Make-A-Wish Foundation and his wish was to spend a day with Allen Iverson.

Allen Iverson spent the day with the kid and gave him a pair of his sneakers and one of his jerseys, both were autographed. My Personal Evaluation The things that I learned from Allen Iverson that will have a future impact on my life is that to never give up and to work hard at what you want in life. Also, to never give up on your dreams. My opinion on Allen Iverson’s life is that when he looks back on it he will be able to say he did it his way and that no one stopped him at what he was going to do. Without question, Allen Iverson is a future first-ballot Hall of Famer.

Not too many people have accomplished the things he has in his life. I would recommend Allen Iverson’s biography to others because it teaches you not to give up on life no matter how hard life gets. Probably the most interesting fact about Allen Iverson is that he averages 27. 7 points per game for his career and he is only six feet tall and weighs 165 pounds. Which is way undersized for a basketball player. I would describe Allen Iverson to someone else has one determined individual that will lay it all out on the table to get the job done. If I met Allen Iverson I would ask him What is it like to be a Superstar. 5

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