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NBA: Competing on Global Delivery With Akamai OS Streaming



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    Using Porter’s competitive forces model, analyze the NBA’s market situation. How does the use of Akamai help the NBA compete in this market? The NBA uses Porter’s competitive forces model with Akamai by providing more than 45, 000 media assets, publishing content to multiple distribution channels and combine an enterprise-class media management with unmatched reach and reliability of Akamai’s global delivery system. Using Porter’s generic strategies model, what do you think is the NBA’s overall strategy or strategies? The NBA’s overall strategies are focused on providing high quality content distribution, where video games are available live or on demand. They also focus on being able to show this content in places around the world such as Asia, Europe, the Middle East, Africa and North America. Akamai is always one step ahead of the game allowing the NBA to provide the same experience to customers around the world. Ultimately, fans want and expect high quality videos games, RSS feeds, widgets and fantasy leagues and that’s exactly what the NBA bestows with the aid of Akamai. Why is it important that all fans in the world have the same experience? The NBA chose Akamai because they are able to provide the same content globally.

    This means that they provide real intelligence at the edge which allows their scores to work in a timely manner across the globe. This allows for live games to be showing in places like China and Texas at real time with high quality content. Why is it important that individual franchise owners can build, manage, and distribute on the NBA platform their own content? The NBA offers a great platform to franchise owners. They are able to build, manage and distribute their own content through this website. An added advantage to doing so is that the NBA website attracts millions of people around the globe. Chinese companies such as Lenovo and Haier are utilizing this website to attract more and more customers to their website. The word “partnership” appears several times in the video. Who are the NBA’s partners? How does the concept of a strategic ecosystem apply to the NBA’s partnership strategies? The NBA’s has marketing partners such as Lenovo and Haier. They are also partnered with Akamai, ABC, TNT, ESPN, ESPN Deportes, AZN and NBA TV just to name a few (NBA WEBSITE). The concept of strategic ecosystem applies to the NBA’s partnership strategies thanks to Akamai. They provide 25000 servers across the globe and data centers and they push content out from NBA to their network which allows fans around the world get the best possible experience when it comes to dealing with things like rich media.

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