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Personal hygiene is maintaining the organic structure clean. and helps forestall the spread of sources. Preparing is caring for fingernails and hair illustrations of these activities would be titling hair. shave. trimming and picture fingernails. Keeping good wellness besides includes the undermentioned countries: Nutrition. Leisure/recreation chances. slumber. and exercising. As you can see. there are many factors that contribute to feeling and looking good. Feeling and looking good are of import to each individual’s emotional and physical well-being.

In your function your responsibilities’ will change from helping to supplying personal attention. These activities are really of import and alone for each person. The toolkit includes a set of professional moralss that guide the pupil in everything he or she does. When helping persons with personal attention. the pupils should be particularly aware of professional moralss. These moralss or rules become everyday as they are practiced and applied each twenty-four hours.

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  • Respect: I will esteem the persons I support and aid others recognize their value. Personal attention should be provided with self-respect and regard for the person.
  • Promoting Physical and Emotional Well-Being: I am responsible for back uping the emotional. physical. and personal wellbeing of persons having support. while being attentive to cut downing their hazard of injury. Personal attention should be provided safely and in a manner that promotes the physical and emotional well-being of the person. • Confidentiality: I will protect and esteem the confidentiality and privateness of the persons I support. An person has the legal right to hold his or her support needs kept confidential and to privateness for personal attention.
  • Honesty and Responsibility: I will back up the mission of my profession to help persons to populate the sort of life they choose. I will be a spouse to the persons I support. Persons should be supported in making every bit much for themselves as possible.
  • Self-government: I will help the persons I support to direct the class of their ain lives. Persons have the right to direct how personal attention is provided.

Depending on the abilities of each person. the person will necessitate to supply more or less support. It is of import to retrieve that holding chances to do picks is a key to taking a healthy happy life. Just as persons have the chance to do picks about what apparels to have on and what to eat ; they need to hold the pick of how and when they complete their personal attention activities.

For illustration. one single might wish to bathe at dark. while another likes to lavish in the forenoon. Having picks about personal attention besides involves allowing the single brand picks about whom or which DSP will supply the personal attention. Persons have the right to take the individual they trust. feel comfy. and safe with to help with personal attention. New support people should develop a relationship with the person before supplying personal attention.

This may intend that sometimes the person may take to wait until the following twenty-four hours to lavish if a new support individual is working. The demands to be cognizant of these single penchants and back up them. The “Personal Care protocol” brochure should be completed every twelvemonth at the Person Centered Planning meeting. and updated through out the twelvemonth as necessary. This brochure outlines the picks each person has made about the patterns you should follow when helping with personal attention.

The brochure covers the undermentioned countries: Lifting. Positioning. and eating Dressing. Bathing / Showering. Toileting and Other Issues The brochure helps to guarantee that an persons personal penchants are ever honored no affair which support staff provides aid. It is besides a utile tool for developing new direct support professionals!

Personal Care Guidelines

Hair Preparing

Having clean. good groomed hair is of import to everyone. and is no less so For the person you support. Persons like different trade names of shampoo or conditioner and may hold a preferable manner. Persons may besides alter their heads about how they manner their hair. All of these picks should be respected and supported.

  • Ask the person if he or she has a penchant for his or her hair manner today.
  • Teach and aid with drying wet hair with drier and using gels. hair spray. and other hair merchandises as appropriate.
  • If hair is long. split into subdivisions before combing or brushing.

Teach and help the person to comb or brush hair from scalp to terminals of hair.Note: If the hair is tangled. utilize a wide-tooth comb. Why? Pulling on tangled hair can do harm to the hair. Gently combing or brushing from the scalp to the terminals of the hair stimulates circulation. If the hair is curly. start at the terminals of the hair to guarantee that all tangles are removed before brushing from the scalp to the terminals.

Promote the person to look in a mirror when finished styling. Why? Having hair clean and groomed looks great. additions self esteem. and you can’t hold a “bad hair day” !


  • Comb
  • Brush
  • Mirror
  • Personal hair merchandises

AttentionRemember. hairdo is an single pick.Use merely the individual’s personal comb and coppice.Clean comb and coppice on a regular basis.Combs with crisp dentitions can wound sensitive scalps.Use comb and coppice with a soft touch.Promote the person to make every bit much as he or she can for him/herself.

Fingernail and Toenail Care

Cleaned and trimmed fingernails and toenails are of import for overall wellness. Germs frequently collect underneath the nails. Frequent and thorough manus lavation and pes attention is a good manner to forestall source or fungus buildup. Nails that go excessively long and/or are unsmooth and lacerate can rub and cut an individual’s tegument and may ensue in a local infection. Some persons ( those with diabetes ) should hold their nail attention completed by a wellness attention professional. Athlete’s pes. a fungus that causes an redness. snap. and desquamation of the tegument between the toes and can besides infect the toenails is of peculiar concern. and must be treated every bit shortly as it is noted by the person. Persons frequently like to hold nail colour applied and may necessitate aid.

Cleaning and trimming nails

  • Particular attention should be practiced when helping with nail attention. Persons with diabetes require professional aid with nail attention.
  • Toenails and fingernails should be kept clean. neatly trimmed. and smooth to forestall hurt to clamber.
  • Paring the nail excessively short may do ingrown nails that can be painful and cause infection.
  • Encourage persons to make every bit much as they can for themselves.


Once once more. shaving one’s legs. underarms. or face is a really personal affair. Cultural differences may be a cardinal to whether an single shavings or does non shave. For illustration. in some civilizations. adult females do non shave their legs or underarms. In some civilizations. work forces do non shave their facial hair. It is of import to help and back up the person to shave safely and to avoid dents and cuts that can take to infection. Some persons may larn to utilize an electric razor. Other persons may be assisted and supported in utilizing a blade razor.

Shaving stairss can be used for facial. leg. or underhand hair. An electric razor should non be used in same room where O is used. Electric razors should non be used around H2O.Check all types of razors for french friess or rust on the blades.Always dispose of used razor blades.Use merely an individual’s personal razor.Oversee the usage of razors closely for safe and right handling before single shavings independently.Promote the person to make every bit much for him or herself as possible.


Teach and help the person in turn uping the best topographic point to finish his or her shave. Use of a mirror is recommended for shaving the face or under the weaponries. Note: Depending on what portion of the organic structure one is shaving. a sink. bowl. bathing tub. or shower may be more safe and functional. Why? Safety is of import while shaving. The person should be comfy and sitting or standing firmly.

Teach and help the person to look into his or her tegument for moles. nevuss. or cuts. If any alterations are observed in the size. form. or colour of a mole or nevus. the person should be seen by his or her physician. Why? Shaving over these countries can do hemorrhage and infection. Changes may bespeak unwellness.

Teach and help the person to open shaving pick and take safety cap from razor ( non-electric razor ) or plug electric razor into mercantile establishment. Note: Again. safety is of import. Shaving pick in an electric razor can be unsafe.

Shaving with Non-Electric Razor

Teach and help the person to rinse country to be shaved with warm. saponaceous H2O. ( Face. underarms or legs ) Why? Washing removes oil and bacterium from the tegument and helps to raise the hair shafts so it will be easier to shave.

Teach and help the single how to use shaving pick or soapsuds with soap. Note: Some soaps and shaving picks can be harsh on the tegument. or an single can be allergic to them. There are different trade names on the market for sensitive tegument. An electric razor may work better for an person with skin allergic reactions. Why? Shaving pick softens the tegument and helps the razor semivowel over the tegument to forestall nicking and film editing.

If the individual is shaving the person. wear disposable baseball mitts. Why? To forestall spread of sources. Teach and help the person to utilize the fingers of one manus to keep the skin tight and shave in the way the hair grows. Note: Shave in the way the hair grows makes a drum sander shaving and helps forestall annoying the tegument.

Teach and help the person to rinse the razor frequently to take hair and shaving pick so the film editing border stays clean. Teach and help the person to utilize short shots around mentum and lips on the face ; forepart and dorsum of articulatio genuss on the legs ; and under the weaponries. Note: Short shots give better control of the razor and assist prevent dents and cuts. Teach and help the person to rinse off the staying shave pick and dry the tegument with soft chucking gestures. Why? Left-over shaving pick can annoy and dry the tegument. Rubing newly shaven tegument can be annoying.

If shaving the face. offer the person a mirror to inspect a occupation good done. Why? Taking pride in finishing personal attention accomplishments increases self-pride.

  • Teach and aid with using aftershave or clamber lotion if single chooses. Note: Alcohol in aftershave Acts of the Apostless as an antiseptic for bantam dents and cuts. It besides has a chilling and reviewing esthesis.
  • Teach and help the person with cleansing razor and hive awaying all shaving points.
  • Teach and help the person to wash. rinse. and dry his or her custodies after shaving.

Shaving with an Electric Razor

  • Teach and help the person to safely turn on the electric razor. Explain the safety of shaving off from H2O.Why? Electrocutions can happen when electric contraptions. including razors. come into contact with H2O.
  • Teach and help the person to utilize a mirror while shaving the face or under the weaponries.Teach and help the person in utilizing a gentle. even force per unit area as he or she moves the electric razor over the tegument. Demonstrate how running one manus over the shaven country can turn up lost hair.
  • Thatch and show how to clean hair from the blades as needed during the shaving. Note: Be certain razor in turned off and unplugged each clip the blades are cleaned. Why? Injuries can happen when the razor is turned on or plugged into an electrical socket. Cleaning the blades keeps them crisp and provides for a drum sander shaving.
  • Teach and aid with using aftershave or clamber lotion if the single chooses. Note: Alcohol in aftershave Acts of the Apostless as an antiseptic for bantam dents and cuts. It besides has a chilling and reviewing esthesis.
  • If shaving the face. offer the person a mirror to inspect a occupation good done. Why? Taking pride in finishing personal attention accomplishments increases self-pride.
  • Teach and help the person with cleaning the razor and hive awaying allshaving points.
  • Teach and help the person to wash. rinse. and dry his or her custodies after shaving.

Bathing and Perineal Care

Bathing agencies cleaning one’s organic structure from caput to toe. Perineal attention means the bathing of the genital and anal ( rectum ) country. or “private parts. ” Supplying aid and support for bathing can be a really sensitive personal attention activity for an person. Routinely. this activity is completed by female professional for adult females and misss and by male professionals for work forces and male childs. See below for accredited residential places. The professional demands to cognize what bathing accomplishments an person has earlier get downing to supply aid and support. It is of import that the professional provide whatever aid and support is needed to guarantee persons are clean.

Occasionally look intoing an individual’s personal attention accomplishments and helping when needed will assist forestall organic structure olfactory property. uncomfortableness. and infection. The undermentioned processs should be adapted to the specific demands and penchants of each person. each person in larning good personal attention wonts. Each person will hold the chance to take a Fuller. happier. more gratifying life as they become more independent with their ain attention demands. Remember. good personal hygiene is of import to advancing good wellness.


When helping with bathing or showering:

  • Remember to look into H2O temperature. It should be warm to the touch.
  • Wash. rinse. and dry each organic structure portion to forestall cooling. exposure. and chapping.
  • Inspect tegument for marks of hurt or alterations in status.
  • Use soap meagerly and make non go forth in H2O.
  • Provide privateness and heat for the person.
  • Talk about things of involvement to the person.
  • Promote the person to make every bit much as he or she can for him/herself.
  • Demonstrate and explicate right bathing or showering processs.
  • Be prepared with all supplies.
  • Be certain your custodies are washed and clean.

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